Student Fieldwork

The Penn Museum is proud to help cultivate the next generation of archaeologists and anthropologists. In 2018–2019, 33 Penn undergraduate and graduate students were supported by the Museum in their research projects across the world.

Excavation at Abydos

Oscar Aguila

Zooarchaeological Analysis of Fish at Smith Creek

Oscar Aguila worked on the Smith Creek Archaeological Project, including a comparison of current fish to fossilized fish skeletons found at the site.

Excavation at Gordion

Elizabeth Bynum

Audible Metropolis: Interrogating the Politics of Sonic Management in Mexico City

Elizabeth Bynum began studying the sonic environment of Mexico City through interviews, sound mapping, and community conversations.

Excavation at Abydos

Maria DaSilva

Tel Yaqush Excavation Project

Maria DaSilva traveled to Israel to join the excavations at Tel Yaqush, where she learned about life in that Early Bronze Age village.

Excavation at Gordion

James Gross

Delos Underwater Survey; Yassıada Shipwreck; Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project

James Gross worked on three shipwreck sites across the Mediterranean to learn more about Roman maritime trade and supply of amphoras.

Excavation at Abydos

Olivia Hayden

KAMBE and Tel Kaisan

Olivia Hayden expanded her dissertation research on Early Iron Age metal-working at two excavations in Cyprus and Israel.

Excavation at Gordion

Lauren King

Naxcivan Archaeological Project

Lauren King joined the Naxcivan Archaeological Project in Azerbaijan to help excavate an area around the citadel.

Excavation at Abydos

Breyasia Scott

Medea’s Symposium

Breyasia Scott traveled to Athens to view modern stagings of ancient plays as she writes her own play, modernizing and questioning the concept of the Greek symposium.

Excavation at Abydos

Lequi Yu

Xia Yong’s Architectural Paintings and the Lin’an Sites

Leqi Yu learned more about Song architecture and its role in the works of 14th-century Chinese architectural painter Xia Yong.