2017-2018 Annual Report

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Gifts of Collections

Cotton tube skirts purchased by Adria Katz.

The Penn Museum is pleased to accept donations of ethnographic and archaeological materials and artworks that meet its acquisitions guidelines. The Museum gratefully acknowledges gifts to its Curatorial Sections, Archives, and Learning Programs Teaching Collections in 2017–2018, which comprised 10 donations of cultural objects to the Curatorial Sections; seven donations of photographic materials and historical records to the Archives; and four donations of teaching materials to the Learning Programs Teaching Collection.

The 223 cultural objects came from Africa, including Egypt, Niger, and Nigeria; from the Americas, including Colombia, Ecuador, and the Northwest Coast of the United States; from Asia, including Burma, India, Laos, and Thailand; and from Oceania, including Malaysia. The photographic materials include seven 16 mm motion picture films produced by Harry B. Wright, and 62 anthropological prints made by photographers including Alfred Eisenstaedt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leonard Freed, Ken Heyman, George Rodger, Pierre Verger, and William Witt.

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Donor Spotlight: James Bogle

School of Fine Arts graduate James Bogle, who began collecting Southeast Asian art when working in Bangkok in the 1960s, made a gift of exquisite Indian miniature paintings, Buddhist sculpture, and a fine bronze drum in fall 2017.

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student examining a doll

Donor Spotlight: Ina and Lew Heafitz

In fall 2017, the Penn Museum accepted with gratitude from the family of Lewis Heafitz, W58, a gift of a rare collection of 162 objects ranging in dates from approximately 500 BCE to 1500 CE, collected from Ecuador and Colombia by Lew in the 1960s.

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