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At-Home Anthropology

Hands-on Projects for Families

Looking for engaging activities thatkids (and their adults!) can do athome? At-Home Anthropology offers a selection of simple projects for learners of different ages to explore their home environments in meaningful ways. Look for new activities to be added here everyweek–and we’ll announce them on social media.

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I Am Poem

Be inspired to write poetry by studying everyday objects in your house.

What’s For Lunch

Decode the continents where your lunch foods were traditionally grown and eaten.

Build It! Challenge

Try to create the ancient structure below using only materials found around where you live.

I spy... an artifact

I spy... an artifact! Use our clues to find the mystery artifacts in your own home, in our Online Collections, and on our Virtual Tours.

What's In The Bag?

For this activity, challenge yourself to create a drawing using only your sense of touch.


Make and Play: Mancala

Mancala is an ancient game from Africa. Originally played by digging shallow holes in the ground, today it is played around the world using wooden boards.