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Illustrating History: An Interview with John Pearson

Warrior's Grave Illustration

By: Julianna Whalen

As I walk down the street, I pass donkeys carrying food in saddlebags and children making their way home. They weave through tight streets and around dogs laying in the middle of the path. Birds flit through the sky. As I make my way toward the ziggurat, a crescent moon begins to rise over the […]

Archaeological Survey in Vayots Dzor

By: Colin Roberts

For the month of June 2018, a team from the University of Pennsylvania surveyed Vayots Dzor, Armenia, under the direction of Dr. Peter J. Cobb from the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) and Dr. Elvan Cobb of Cornell University, as part of the Open Archaeology project. Support for the project came from the […]

Great Ape Explorations in Washington, DC

By: Anne Tiballi

In curly browned script, on paper flaking in my hands, the inscription next to the specimen number read, “the leg and jaw were broken by fall from trees when shot. Had a young one with her.” Putting down W. L. Abott’s 1907 record book, I ran to the post-crania room and pulled out her bones. Sure enough, […]

Language Expertise Is Not a Bounded Experience

By: Anne Tiballi

The University of Pennsylvania has established a partnership with the Caste War Museum in Tihosuco, a Mayan community in Quintana Roo, Mexico, which has been materialized as the Tihosuco Heritage and Preservation Community Project. As an originally conceived public archaeology endeavor, this project has responded to the needs of the community by bringing expertise and […]

Flight into the Museum Archives

Dinner at Descalvados

By: Julianna Whalen

“This will confirm your assignment as Flight Operator to the NC146M, which is being chartered by the Matto Grosso Expedition for service in the interior of Brasil [sic] for a period of at least four months. Its base will be Desclavados [sic, Descalvados], Matto Grosso, which is about one thousand miles from Rio de Janeiro.” […]

From the Baltic to the Mediterranean:

By: Sarah Linn

What kinds of objects do you use in your everyday life?  Hairpins, shoelaces, buttons, belt buckles—these are a few that come to mind. Small items associated with our dress and appearance, which most people hardly take notice of despite their role in clothing and self-presentation. Today, we construct these necessary items of cheap and lightweight […]

And So the Story Goes…Innovations in Storytelling

By: Sarah Linn

By Braden Cordivari, Fiona Jensen-Hitch, and Linda Lin Each year, through the Student Exhibition Internship Program at the Penn Museum, a team of students  develops a small exhibition in line with the Provost’s “Year of….” The 2017-18 academic year is the Year of Innovation, and the student curatorial team consists of Braden Cordivari (C’18), Fiona […]

Archaeobotany in the Gardens of Emily Dickinson: Clues & Collections

By: Sarah Linn

By Madeline Fried Today, Emily Dickinson is a literary figure beloved for her prolific and unique poetic writings. In her lifetime, however, she was more well known as a gardener than as a poet. She had a deep connection with nature, and she cultivated outdoor garden beds as well as exotic plants within a conservatory […]

The Penn Museum in ③Ⓓ!

By: Stephen Lang

In the past few years, the Penn Museum has been experimenting with different kinds of scanning in order to create 3D models of some objects in our collection. Today we are announcing that many of these 3D models are now view-able via the website Sketchfab. The Sketchfab community includes many other museums, most notably the British […]

Training Day: Evacuating a Simulated Gallery in an Emergency Drill

By: Tom Stanley

In addition to being a staff member at the Museum, I’m also enrolled as a student at Penn, in the Master of Liberal Arts program. It’s a very flexible program in terms of its schedule, which is great for people like me who work full-time jobs; it also offers considerable flexibility in terms of its content […]

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