Blouse, Huipil [Object of the Day- #52]

August 28, 2012

20th Century Blouse by the Cakchiquel of Guatemala. Woven cotton and silk huipil (blouse) of red ground with red, yellow and lavender stripes.

This huipil or blouse is made of cotton and silk fibers. It consists of two pieces of material woven together. Most notable are the randa- elaborate shoulder bands. These designs portray animals and double headed eagles in colors like lavender, yellow, white, deep rose, green, purple silk and red cotton. This blouse is an example of the incredible skill and artistry of the Cakchiquel, indigenous people of the midwestern highlands of Guatemala.

Learn more about the Cakchiquel people in the Expedition article, The Ancient Cakchiquel Capitol of Iximche.

Penn Museum Object #42-35-190.

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