Effigy Vessel [Object of the Day #64]

September 14, 2012

Effigy Vessel
Ceramic Effigy Vessel from Peru (Andean)

This is a red ware ceramic vessel with red and white paint. It is in the shape of a warrior kneeling on his left knee and grasping a war club with both hands. He wears a short skirt and a sleeveless shirt which are both fringed and spotted. On his head is an elaborate headdress worn over a head-cloth that includes a split jaguar skin band with head in front, legs at side and a tail pendant in the back. On the headdress is a deep bowl-shaped disc that projects on two sides of the warrior’s head. Rising from behind the jaguar head is a flat disc bearing a circle of twelve pellets. The headdress is supported by a strap over the head and held on by a tie under the chin.

This detailed object comes from Peru and may have been made between 200 BCE- 700 CE.

Penn Museum Object #39-20-9

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