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Lenape Powder Charger [Object of the Day #33]

By: Alyssa Kaminski

August 1, 2012

Lenape Power Charger
Lenape Power Charger

This Lenape Powder Charger is carved from an antler. The bottom is formed into a rattlesnake tail while the top depicts Misinghali’kun, the hunting god.

The Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania is a community of more than 300 people of Lenape descent who live mainly in southeastern Pennsylvania, primarily around Easton, Philadelphia and the Pocono Mountains. Unlike some of the other Lenape groups, the Lenape Nation does not possess a reservation nor is it recognized by the federal or state authorities. Learn more about the rich history of the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania at

Read more on the past and present of the Lenape people in our region of Pennsylvania by checking out Expedition magazine article Fulfilling a Prophecy by Abigail Seldin, Robert Red Hawk Ruth, and Shelley DePaul
Learn about how the Museum has worked with Native American Penn undergraduates to research the North American collections by reading Expedition magazine article Building Bridges with “Native Voices” by Abigail Seldin

Penn Museum Object #NA3881B

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