Archives Photo of the Week: Penn Relays

April 24, 2014

1767. [Diskobolos of Myron.]
Penn Museum Image #166422
April 24th marks the start of the 2014¬†Penn Relays. For those unfamiliar, the Penn Relays is the oldest and largest track and field event in the United States. The event is held annually at Franklin Field, which is directly across from the Penn Museum. The archives is one of the wings closest to the field, so we constantly hear the roar of the crowd over the entirety of the relays. Personally, I like to think that they’re cheering on our processing and cataloging.

In honor of the relays, this week’s image of the week is of the Diskobolos of Myron. This photograph is an albumen print taken by Giorgio Sommer. The Penn Museum Archives currently has a selection of Sommer prints on display in the archives hallway, particularly photographs from Pompeii. So while you’re visiting for the Penn Relays this weekend, stop in at the Penn Museum and see some beautiful historic prints, too!