Commencement weekend

May 18, 2010

The Rockwells (Jordan, Frances, and Rick) are presented with a scroll and a stamp set depicting all six of the Tang Taizong reliefs by Wang Youqun of the Da Ming Palace Foundation

This weekend was Commencement at Penn, which meant we couldn’t work in the Rotunda on Friday afternoon or all day Monday.  On Friday, the Chinese conservators took a very quick trip to Washington, DC, which they enjoyed very much even though they didn’t have much time there.  On Sunday, we had lunch with Mr & Mrs Rockwell (supporters of the project); their son, Jordan; Ms. Cris Gonzalez of the Museum’s Board of Overseers and Amanda Mitchell-Boyask, the Museum’s Director of Development.  After lunch, we all went up to the Rotunda to view progress on the reliefs.  Later, Xiuqin Zhou, Senior Registrar who did her PhD dissertation on the reliefs, gave a short presentation to the guests about her research.