“Get Your Fiber On!”

March 7, 2012


Last Friday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter proclaimed March “Fiber Art Month” during the opening ceremony of FiberPhiladelphia 2012!  In honor of that proclamation, I wanted to post a few photographs of some inspiring ancient Peruvian textiles I’ve seen during my IMLS-funded condition assessment survey.

With simple tools, every process of textile manufacture was by hand. The thoughtful designs, the striking use of color combinations, and sophisticated craftsmanship amaze me on a daily basis.  For those who appreciate the brilliant artistry of ancient civilizations, here are some photographs to knock your socks off.  As modern textile designs are heirs to ancient traditions, here’s to the contemporary fiber artists being inspired by the past but creating new and exciting work!  “Get Your Fiber On!”

Detail _PachacamacTextile30074