The Artifact Lab takes shape

September 19, 2012

Last week the preparations for the Artifact Lab (see my previous post) really began to gather speed.  On Monday, Molly Gleeson the project conservator arrived and was immediately plunged into the preparations.

Project Conservator Molly Gleeson comes face to face with one of her prospective ‘clients’

Molly, a graduate of the UCLA/Getty program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials, has experience and interest in public outreach regarding conservation and was not intimidated by the idea of carrying out her work in full public view.  Well, anyway, not before we went up to look at the lab space which was rapidly being assembled in the Upper Baugh Pavilion.  Somehow, the drawings on paper hadn’t really conveyed to us just how much Plexi there was going to be!

The plexiglass enclosure for the Artifact Lab takes shape.

Suddenly all those ‘goldfish bowl’ jokes I’d been making didn’t seem so farfetched!  But our visitors will certainly have a great view of conservation in action!

Molly has spent her time since her arrival getting oriented, meeting the folks she’ll be working with, and preparing items for the various interactives the clever folks in Exhibitions had planned.  She’ll blog about those next.