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Indiana Jones and the Penn Museum

April 18, 2011

A week of non-stop installation and the exhibit installation is nearing its conclusion, but before I go into further detail about why this exhibit is fascinating (aside from the obvious allure of Indy), I want to say that Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is currently only scheduled to travel to non-U.S. venues. X3, the exhibition production company responsible for putting this show together, currently only has production rights that cover the world outside the U.S.A., but you never know what the future holds for Indy…

On a personal level (and this is not my marketing side talking), this exhibit is going to be great. If you are still trying to figure out where to take a summer vacation, and have a burning desire to see this exhibit (and who doesn’t), it’s easy to reach through the air, on Amtrak, or even a beautiful scenic drive through Vermont. *Quick side note – while French is the official language in town, most natives are fluent in both French and English, and the exhibit is set up so that it can be experienced in multiple languages.

Back to the exhibit – the way it’s set up is pretty simple. You travel through the exhibit viewing clips, movie illustrations and storyboards, and key movie artifacts – which are cool enough by themselves – but in each section, there is also a separate zone set aside where real archaeological discoveries are featured.

For the next few days, I plan on highlighting some of our items featured in the different zones and show how they tie in to the movies. We hope to use the interest in the movies and this exhibit to help further our goal of trying to educate people in the fields of archaeology and anthropology – whether it be on-site in our museum or online through our web site.

Tomorrow: Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Precolumbian treasures of Sitio Conte

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