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Fun Friday Image of the Week – The Lovers

September 10, 2010



‘The Lovers’ from 1972 season at Hasanlu

Hasanlu is an archaeological excavation site in Iran, Western Azerbaijan, Solduz Valley. Theses skeletons were found in a Bin with no objects. The only feature is a stone slab under the head of the skeleton on the left hand side (SK335).

Penn Museum Image #97482.

Find out more about Hasanlu at

  • Maureen

    Aaaaaand they were both dudes.

    • Ash Lunders

      I was excited about the potential implications of this, but after some research…no. They were not dudes. Thanks for wasting my time.

      • Ash Lunders

        Excuse me, I meant to say they were not both dudes, the remains on the left has been confirmed to be female.

        • lin2log

          Wow… HUMOR is not a big skill of your’s, huh? [facepalm]

  • Sina

    So beautiful…and precious.

  • Shaily

    Really? They r both male? That opens up a whole new chapter in the story of platonic love in the east! I always suspected so…

    • mamad

      No shaily.. unfortunately nowadays by the sience you can find out that loving in Iran is older than the time. when all the world had problems with cruelty. 🙂

    • C.

      She was joking actually, the left skeleton has been confirmed to be female.

  • mamad

    Yes mamm..they are a man and a woman..these is for when you ate eachothers

  • Reza

    Hi guys,
    you know, I was born in Solduz Valley and i`m so excited for this Lovely and amzing Photo.

  • Sophie

    I was just wondering, does anyone know how old these skeletons are? I’m an Ancient History student and am really curious!

    • ehsan

      Hi, I’m Ehsan near the hill of the valley Hasanlu Solduz, if you want pictures of objects that can take you from accidentally by villagers Dramadh show،I am waiting for your response, I do it because I’m interested in this field I am the Master of Business Administration degree

      • Pantea

        Hi Ehsan,

        Do you have more pictures of this archaeological site and especially The Lovers. If yes,I will be so glad to have more photos.

        Thanks in advance,

  • Mykal

    I bet she was taking his last breath… (bogus)

  • Fati

    Hey , I was born in Sulduz too! and I still live here .
    i was so excited to see two peoples comments from my city
    and I’m very proud of that ,
    but I hadn’t seen this pic
    thank you !

  • Miranda lau

    just one question, what age and what time and what kind of people this layer belongs to? Babylioner?

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  • Hannah

    Where can I buy a print of this?

  • The one on the left, if it is a female, would have been taller than the one on the right. Very tall woman….

  • Paulo Maciel

    Esses esqueletos não estão se beijando. Ela tá empurrando a cabeça do macho para a pedra não cair na cabeça dele.

  • Steve C

    It looks to me like he was killed in combat (note hole in skull) and she decided to go with him, so she probably decided to take poison and layed in the grave with him because she didn’t want to live without him. I’m betting this is closer to the truth than you think!

    • Elian

      U R right

    • Aishani Jaiswal

      They’re both males.

  • O amor é um sentimento que transcende o tempo e vence a própria morte.

  • ebi

    University of Pennsylvania Museum features films Gharhvtv 1951

  • ebi

    Hello, you love old movies Hutu Cave Archaeology of Behshahr in the Mazandaran to eat 1951.

  • Prakash Rai

    Made for each other in heaven

  • Dear Steve C,
    your theory which is : “She layed in grave while taken poison to die with him ” sounds good
    It remebers me of Khosrau II who died in Feb.28.628 and shirin 53 days after the death of her husband on the pretext of seeing him went to his grave,drank the poison and died beside him
    the full story of them is written 800 years ago by Nizami ganjavi
    you can claim that it is closer to truth

  • JP Brown

    CT scan it — it looks like the piece would easily fit through a medical CT scanner and you’ll get a lot more information about construction and wood grain orientation than you have from the X-rays.

    • hi JP-thanks for your suggestion. I passed this along to Casey and she said that she is going to look into it! best wishes, Molly

  • venu

    this is great

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