The Year of Games

September 1, 2011

Year of GamesIn recognition of the “Year of Games” here at Penn, I searched ‘games’ on the Expedition magazine webpage. It turns out, the magazine has published articles about games for decades!

Children’s Games (How do you say eeny, meeny, miny, mo in Turkish? Ena, mena, donsi donsi donsi!)

Children Playing Astragali in Turkey in the 70sAstragali, the Ubiquitous Gaming Pieces (near and dear to my heart, because we always find a lot of these foot bones when we dig)

The Rubber Ball Game, a Universal Mesoamerican Sport (considering the outcome for the losers, hardly a game)

Boycotts, Bribes and Fines, the Ancient Olympic Games (better to be an ancient Greek athlete than a Mayan one)

And there’s a nice picture of the “bikini girls” on the swimsuit issue [that’s a joke] of Expedition 53 (2)