Archival travelogue films: China!

February 10, 2011

In preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations we have pulled some archival travelogue footage from two collections; Kate and Arthur Tode, and Mrs. J. Shipley Dixon.
As you will see, the films are remarkable for their view of pre-revolutionary period China, both 1930 “Canton” (Guangzhou) and 1945(?) “Peking” (Beijing).

The filmmakers in both cases donated their travelogue films to the Museum at the end of their traveling days. What might have been dismissed as amateur footage at the time of the donation has increased in esteem as we find valuable visual primary source material, and a treasure trove of cultural material.

The Tode film was restored under a grant by the National Film Preservation Foundation, one of four grants to restore films in our archive to date.
The entire films can be viewed on the Internet Archive

Canton 1930

China 1945 (first section is Thailand).