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October 23, 2013

Baseball team from an Indemnity School in China
Penn Museum Image #216128

With baseball’s World Series starting this week, it’s fitting to pay tribute to the Fall Classic with the Photo of the Week. Featured in this image is a baseball team from an indemnity school, most likely Tsinghua College in Peking, China. Tsinghua College (now Tsinghua University) was created as a preparatory school as part of the Boxer Indemnity Scholarship Program. The program was a scholarship program to send Chinese students to the United States for study. As a part of the program, students that were being sent to study in America could attend a preparatory school to ready them for the trip. What better way to prepare than to learn about America’s pastime?

  • Eric

    Hi Zhang Wei. While the image is undated, I’ve estimated it to have been taken post 1911.


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