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Employee of the Month, Kevin Schott

February 13, 2012

Our reigning Employee of the Month is Kevin Schott, Exhibit Developer. I felt compelled to write a blog post about Kevin because he is one of those rare people who seems to come from another planet – like he’s not as dinged up by the same space junk that makes world weary complainers out of some of us. Kevin is currently working on the development of our upcoming MAYA 2012 exhibition, and he can now tell us everything we’d ever want to know about the Maya long count.

One of the things that make Kevin so fun to work with is that he loves what he does and he’s really good at it. He seems to know everything about everything, but he insinuates his erudition in a way that is always humble, hilarious, and trust-worthy. He’s one of those bright spots on your daily landscape.

He even carves bars of soap into whale shapes and makes his own greek yogurt.

I think this is what everybody loves about Kevin: his life-affirming zeal for creating and learning about everything.

Exhibit developers have the privilege of being generalists. And this gives us the privilege of getting Kevin’s interpretation of so many amazing things through our exhibits. His avid curiosity and his ability to turn a heap of data into an entertaining story makes him perfect for this role. We are lucky to have him on our team. Go Kevin!

  • Lynn Grant

    Hear, hear. There are days when I just feel better for having seen Kevin!

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