Fly, Eagles, Fly!

January 26, 2018

So, I hear there is some kind of sportsball spectacular coming up soon, and that Philadelphia is going to be part of it. Something about a super bowl? Well, we here at the Penn Museum have a LOT of super bowls!

Take a look at these:

African bowl
Object #2016-17-8
Egyptian bowl
Object #E15738B
Oceanian Bowl
Object #L-180-150
European bowl
Object #CG2017-9-25

And if you want eagles, hey, we’ve got eagles!!!!!

American eagle
Object #95-25-1
Mediterranean Eagle
Object #30-33-14.1
Mediterranean Eagle
Object #29-128-2057
Asian Eagle
Object #29-96-406

Naturally, no sportsball competition could go on without the ball, right?

Near East Ball
Object #31-16-583C
Asian ball
Object #2010-11-26
Asian ball
Object #38619

And the granddaddy of them all…

Crystal Ball
Object #C681A


sphinx with eagles head