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Food Dish [Object of the Day #121]


November 30, 2012

Food Dish
Food Dish

Bowls of this unique, elegant form come from the islands of Wuvulu and Aua, in the Bismarck Archipelago (Papua New Guinea). The culture of these two islands is actually Micronesian rather than Melanesian, and the minimalist feel of these bowls is typical of the Micronesian aesthetic.  Although an early visitor reported seeing them used to serve fish, bowls like this one are mainly used to collect coconut milk.  Grated coconut meat is squeezed over the bowl, and the liquid runs down into the deep center.

For another example of elegant Micronesia carving, with a related function, see the Nukuoro Coconut Grater Stool, Object of the Day # 27

Penn Museum Object #P3482B
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  • Charles Frost

    Nice food dish object. I am sure i will be having this great chance of doing something different. I am sure if i am going to have it, my friends will also like it and they are going to envy me or something.


    Charles Frost

    international food products

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