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Getting Ready for the Silk Road

September 23, 2010

Everyone is gearing up for the opening of the Secrets of the Silk Road in February. Every day I come into work I see something new. Yesterday I looked down and saw new carpet at the Kress Entrance. Shamika, who works at front desk, said it looks like “an old wool coat,” but I think it’s a huge improvement and actually looks kind of retro in a Mad Men sort of way. Our Facilities crew also painted over the jarring bright yellow in the lunch room. Everything seemed like it should taste like banana, it cast a jaundiced haze on your lunch. But now it’s a fresh robin’s egg blue.

New carpet and paint!

We just opened the newly renovated Pepper Mill Café. The special thing about this new café is that they offer locally-grown and organic menu items. As an self-professed annoying evangelical locavore (although I can’t commit to actually sticking the “Buy fresh buy local” bumpersticker to my bumper) I am so excited about this new direction in food consciousness raising! The staff is raving about the salad bar and I got a string of emails yesterday extolling the Moroccan lentil tomato soup.

Pepper Mill Cafe

We’ve also installed shiny new bike racks in front of the Trescher and Garden Entrances for all those brave West Philly hypster bikers out there.

New Bike Racks at the Penn Museum

And we just hung a beautiful new banner facing the South Street Bridge, due to re-open in November. The message is simple: we are HERE and we are OPEN to the PUBLIC!

New Banner on South Street!

  • Therese

    What a great post! The carpet is so Mad Men-esque. Seriously though, it is a whole new Museum. If you haven’t been here lately, you don’t know what you’re missing!

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