If these pots could talk…

September 19, 2011

If these pots could talk…
Photo Caption: “If these pots could talk…” Illustration by Ardeth Anderson Abrams 

Penn Museum Scholars presents 

Joyce White, Associate Curator for Asia and Director of the Ban Chiang Project
Marie-Claude Boileau, Postdoctoral Scholar in archaeological ceramics   

Wednesday, September 21st

12:30 pm • Classroom #2 

Pottery excavated from the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ban Chiang, Thailand is currently under intensive investigation here at the Penn Museum. Drs. White and Boileau are bringing the most current ceramic method and theory to bear on this famous collection, seeking insights into past societies of Southeast Asia. More than 500 vessels, most coming from human burials, provide a special data set with which to examine questions ranging from the social meaning of pots to the technological skill levels of the potters. New findings of unexpected technological diversity will be shared. 

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