Is Elvis in the building?

April 1, 2015

In honor of the important national holiday today we highlight an ancient artifact [reel to reel tape!] from our audio-visual collections…

Report on the We-Uns audio tape box
Report on the We-Uns. Author: Robert Nathan Originally aired: 11 November 1956 CBS Radio Workshop.

“Plot synopsis: Archaeologists in the year 7956 explore the abandoned ruins of the long-dead civilization of North America, and attempt to decipher the meanings of its strange artifacts. Based on a short story, [by Robert Nathan] ‘Digging the Weans’, first published in Harper’s Magazine, in November 1956.

A quote: ‘I dare say we will never know anything more about the Weans, but we now know enough to evaluate them as a minor culture, with a rudimentary religion, devoted to a god named “Oscar,” who was worshiped by “rocking” and “rolling”. [The above synopsis quoted from oldtimeradioreview.com]

For more on the short-lived CBS Radio Workshop

NB: despite the original tape box note, this program is currently in the public domain and streamed on archive.org