Left Behind

July 17, 2014

SAmos1ome parents might find it difficult to let go of their children’s possessions–toys, trophies, mix tapes–when the kids move out and begin lives on their own. However, Carl Weiss, a member of the Museum’s Director’s Council, and his wife Andy decided to have some fun with an object left behind by their daughter, Alissa, C06. When Amos, the big, pink teddy bear no longer “fit” in Alissa’s Brooklyn apartment, Andy and Carl, who are also members of the Museum’s Loren Eiseley Society, graciously adopted him and began introducing him to the finer things in life. Soon Alissa’s inbox was filled with photos of Amos reading a book with his very own reading glasses or decked out in Phillies gear to watch a game with Carl.

Then this week, Emily Goldsleger, Assistant Director of Membership and Annual Giving,  and I had the pleasure of meeting Amos and giving him a tour around the world at the Penn Museum. In addition to seeing our renowned collection, Amos was able to assume a few ancient personas, like a Roman gladiator and the Museum’s famous Sphinx. We can only assume that Alissa was impressed with the photos from Amos’ adventures.

Now don’t you want to revisit that box of stuff that’s still in your parents’ basement?