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Miss Kim’s Class Gets a Loan Box

December 14, 2011

Studenst from the Community Partnership School in Philadelphia get to hold objects from the Native American Loan Box.

Erin Jensen, from our Community Education Department, sent me a few photos to post on the Loan Box webpage and I couldn’t resist giving these two young gentlemen a place of honor on the blog. Erin said their teacher, Ms. Kim, often brings her class to the Museum and is an enthusiastic supporter of the education programs here. I can tell by the looks on these kids’ faces that she does a great job transmitting her enthusiasm through to her students. I’m sure most kids are more than happy to hold a bone axe, but they also seem genuinely eager to learn about them.

The basket that Mr. Tymair is holding is an example of the baskets woven by the Makah people who reside on the Olympic peninsula of Washington state. They typically have a light background with small, brightly colored designs.

The Loan Box Program at the Museum has a collection of almost 2,000 objects that are available to area schools to borrow for a small fee. It allows students to have a personal connection with an object (actually experience how the materials feel, the weight, etc.) and see examples of many of the things that are found within their textbooks.

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