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Q & A with DJ Quizzy Jeff

November 26, 2012

Penn Museum Quizzo Host DJ Quizzy Jeff
Penn Museum Quizzo Host DJ Quizzy Jeff

Don’t miss Penn Museum Quizzo night every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 6 – 8 pm. Join us next on Wednesday, December 12, when newest quiz master DJ Quizzy Jeff gets inside your head for three rounds of quizzo fun!

Jeff Barg is an urban planner at the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society. Some may remember the hilarious Angry Grammarian column he penned as an Editor for the Philadelphia Weekly from 2007-2009.

Q: Were you a big quizzo player in the City?
A: Yes, I started playing at New Deck when I was a student at Penn. I regularly play at Fergie’s and Local 44 too.

Q: Since Quizzo in America is believed to have been first played at New Deck Tavern, a few blocks away, do you feel you are part of the quizzo tradition and its history in the City?
A: I wouldn’t go that far—not yet, anyway. It’s pretty tough to innovate quizzo—the structure and format are so simple, yet so elegant. But I do think that Philly is uniquely awesome at quizzo. I’m always thrown whenever I talk to friends in other cities and they call it “pub trivia.” So lame.

Q: How did you make the transition to becoming a quizzo master?
A: Quiztine, the Museum’s original quizzo mistress, is a friend of mine. I filled in for her during one of the Museum’s Quizzo nights. It has always been a secret dream to be the guy behind the mic.

Q: Do you prefer being a Quiz Master or playing on a team?
A: Quiz Master is definitely more fun. It’s always more fun when you know all the answers.

Quizzo Winning Team Teenage Wastelanders

Q: A successful team needs a well-rounded team of players who can answer a mix of questions. What makes a good quizzo master?
A: I have a couple pet quizzo fetishes; for example, I am personally obsessed with Prince. I’ve had a Prince-related question in every quizzo I’ve done. But a good quizzo master can pull questions from all disciplines. I’m more likely to come up with early 90’s pop culture trivia and mid-eighties tv and movie questions because that’s when I was becoming pop-culturally aware. But I need to have questions ranging from 1922¬ to 1992 and 1992 to today. I also instituted a new innovation to quizzo regarding theme rounds: The sooner a team guesses the theme, the more points they receive.

Q: What are your favorite questions?
A: I really like questions that you might not know off-hand, but that you could get right with a solid educated guess. For example, last month I had a question: A 2010 Lexus was the last car in which you could get what amenity factory-equipped in the dashboard? Now, I don’t expect anyone to know all the features of a 2010 Lexus, but a smart guesser will surmise that 2010 was when they stopped putting cassette players in cars. A lot of teams got that one right.

Q: How did the Museum’s teams fare?
A: The teams did pretty well. It’s a tough balance to have hard yet more accessible questions. As a player, it’s a lot more fun to get 9s and 10s then 2s and 3s, so I don’t want the questions to be too, too tough.

Quizzo winning team “A Beer and a Hotdog”

Q: What’s the craziest answer you’ve received to a question?
A: Two months ago I had this question: In 1983, when running for governor of Louisiana, Edwin Edwards famously said that the only way he could lose the election was if he was caught in bed with what? No one gave the correct answer—“a dead girl or a live boy”—but most of the responses I did get were pretty funny and pretty unprintable.

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