Summer Nights Featuring Animus

August 23, 2012

Kim DiMattia, floutist from music group Animus
Kim DiMattia, flutist from music group Animus

Last night was a perfect combination of cool summer weather, eclectic sounds and belly dancing (of course). For pictures from the event, including belly dancing Quinn, click here! It was a well rounded evening when you add in the presence of non-for-profit groups like Alex’s Lemonade Stand and New Leash on Life. The latter is a fairly new non-profit, started in 1997, to help rehabilitate dogs who are in line to be put down at local shelters.  The dog pictured below was a friendly presence at the concert, having previously been a bait dog for a fighting ring. To learn more about the mission of New Leash on Life click here.

New Leash on Life
Non-profit New Leash on Life tended a stand at the Penn’s Summer Nights concert series. The dog pictured above was a rescue from a shelter and has been through a rehabilitation program and is available to be adopted.

Looking forward to next Wednesday, August 29, as it’s the last opportunity to come check out a Summer Nights concert. If you’ve considered coming out before, this will be the night! The band West Philadelphia Orchestra will be lighting up our garden with its finest and wildest musicians. They are known for their mixture of world sounds and mayhem!  The last evening event will kick off at 5:00 pm and the general admission only costs $5! For more information please visit P.M at Penn Summer Nights concert series.