The Ban Chiang Project


June 23, 2011

Ban Chiang is a village/mortuary site in northern northeast Thailand, in the province of Udon Thani.

Excavated by Chet Gorman of the University of Pennsylvania Museum and Pisit Charoenwongsa of the Thai Fine Arts Department in 1974-1975, this extraordinary site was among the first to establish the existence not only of a hitherto unknown prehistoric culture, but also of a separate bronze age in Southeast Asia.

We still need your help! Become a member of the Friends of Ban Chiang today and ensure the continued analysis and preservation of this important link to the human past.

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Here’s a cool photo from our archives of the late Gorman smoking cigars with co-director Pisit Charoenwongsa:

Dr. Chester Gorman (right) and Pisit Charoenwongsa (left)