Welcome to Penn Museum 2.0!

May 21, 2010

It’s official. I just sent out the email to several of my colleagues enlisting them in the ranks of our new blog army. (I will have to come up with a less martial analogy if I want really want them to participate: blog herd, blog troupe, maybe.) Soon these pages will be filled with insightful and engaging posts from our contributors across the Museum.

Since the launch of our new website in August 2009, we have been working to enhance our social media presence on Flickr, Facebook, iTunes University, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. As the Digital Media Developer, I often feel like I serve as an unwilling bottleneck, as all content has to filter through me before I move it along to these outlets. It is my infinite hope that this new blog will uncork the bottleneck and possibly convert a few heretofore non-web people into full-fledged bloggers who appreciate the multiplier effect the web provides.

The idea for this endeavor was inspired by the Brooklyn Museum’s very successful blog. I often look to them for ideas and inspiration. Here are some other blogs that we hope to emulate:

Powerhouse Museum
Asian Art Museum
New York Public Library
Tenement Museum