Hurry Up and Wait

April 20, 2010

We still don’t know if the new cloud of volcanic ash is going to affect our flights in and out of Amsterdam later today. We’ve been monitoring the flight status but it’s all still up in the air!

All my clothes, boots, and equipment are still in piles. I can only commit to packing under extreme duress, especially because I was given very specific instructions on what to bring and what not to bring.

I am told that we will have to wear skirts in Maasailand, and we can wear bright colors. It’s okay to go almost shirtless, but skirts are a must. I get the impression that the Maasai are partial to reds and yellows, but cooler hues have a distinctly negative symbology. While digging in Laikipia, however, we shouldn’t wear bright colors to avoid attracting large, scary animals. And no white or black solids. White will immediately turn brown with dust if it’s dry or mud if it’s rainy; and black will make us roast in the sun.

Pockets and layers, I believe, are good.

But I may have a few extra days to navigate my confusing color wheel of a packing extravaganza if that volcano continues to belch ash all over Europe!