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Living Room Lecture

Thanksgiving Myths and Indigenous Memories

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 |
5:30PM - 6:30PM ET

This is a virtual event.
Marge Bruchac


Virtual Event - Penn Museum


Part of the Living Room Lectures Series

Thirsty for knowledge? Enjoy happy hour in your own home with one of our Museum’s awesome specialists. Living Room Lectures deliver social interaction with educational elements, and everyone is welcome. Cheers!

November is Native American Heritage month. As part of our mission to transform the understanding of our shared humanity, we will be highlighting Native narratives this month and throughout the year.

Join Dr. Marge Bruchac for a special edition of Living Room Lecture, hosted on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Dr. Bruchac will debunk popular myths connected to the so-called "First Thanksgiving" in 1621 at Patuxet (Plymouth) and answer questions related to Indigenous encounters with colonial settlers in present-day New England. She will also share insights from her recent reconsiderations of colonial monuments, and her research in British museums seeking traces of 17th century Wampanoag leader King Philip/Metacom's wampum belts.

Dr. Bruchac is an Associate Professor of Anthropology, Associate Faculty in Cultural Heritage, and Coordinator of Native American & Indigenous Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She directs a restorative research project called The Wampum Trail, which aims to reconnect Native American and First Nations communities with historical wampum (woven shell bead) belts and collars in museums. Dr. Bruchac has also long served as a consultant on Native American histories for museums including Historic Deerfield, Old Sturbridge Village, and Plimoth Plantation (now Plimoth/Patuxet).

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Part of the Living Room Lectures Series