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Giving to the Gods: Votives and Magic at Sardis, Turkey

Sunday 19 February 2017
2:00PM - 3:00PM
Penn Museum

Love Potion #9

Dr. Jane DeRose Evans, Professor of Art History, Temple University, offers this Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia society talk, followed by an optional gallery tour of Magic in the Ancient World with exhibition curators Robert Ousterhout and Grant Frame. Since the beginning of coinage in the west, people have given their gold, silver and bronze coins to the gods. At Sardis, two deposits give us insight into some of these practices: one contains coins that the worshipper made certain only the gods could use; the second worshipper manipulated coins to appeal to the gods of the mountains and the storms.  Both deposits give us insight into the blurry line between standard religious practices and magical practices, as well as helping us to understand the political and economic fortunes of the city.

Lecture free; tour free with Museum general admission.

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