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Alexandria in the Age of Augustus: The View from Cleopatra’s Palace

Saturday 10 February 2018
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Penn Museum

Sekere performance

Photo: painted scene in a garden, from XIXth Dynasty Theban Tomb 217. Wikimedia Commons (reproduction by Norman de Garis Davies, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York).

Dr. Peter van Minnen

Though no papyri were ever found in Alexandria, a stack of circa AD 100 Greek papyri from Augustan Alexandria was found elsewhere, recycled as mummy “cartonnage” (covers). Dr. Peter van Minnen, Professor, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati will discuss how these papyri are mostly concerned with agreements between individual Alexandrians, including Jews, women, freedmen, and slaves. Dr. van Minnen explore will explore what these papyri can tell us about the social history of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, about the apostle Paul, and about Jesus’ garden-tomb. This is a program of the American Research Center in Egypt, Pennsylvania Chapter.

Free Admission.

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