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The Penn Museum’s collections showcase human innovations across time, and are a dynamic source of modern invention, driving discovery through the exploration of cultural artifacts.

The Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) nurtures an extraordinary innovation ecosystem. Based in state-of-the-art labs created in 2014, CAAM offers evidence-based research courses from freshman seminars to graduate courses across eight analytical disciplines, taught by a dedicated team of teaching specialists, Museum conservators, and Penn faculty, using the Museum’s extraordinary collection as primary resource. This powerful combination of exceptional artifacts, sophisticated facilities, and world-class expertise invites students to examine the world in ways possible only at Penn.

The Digital Penn Museum shares artifacts from all over the world with the world, inviting online visitors to explore its digitized object collections, watch recent lectures and films from its Archives, browse articles, or even write their name in cuneiform and hieroglyphs. A Distance Learning program takes this global learning further, allowing K–12 students from across the United States and around the world to explore the Museum’s galleries and participate in its interactive workshops through real-time video conference with a Museum educator. Classes from Australia to an Inuit village in Quebec, Canada have participated in our virtual Mummy Makers workshop!

For 130 years—and at this very moment—Penn Museum archaeologists have been unearthing human history with groundbreaking fieldwork all over the world. Every new dig, x-ray, and discovery gives us new understanding of who we are and where we have come from. Penn Museum digs are everywhere, with Penn faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students building global connections at each and every site.

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