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Object Number:84-10-1
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: China
Period: Han Dynasty (uncertain)
Six Dynasties (uncertain)
Date Made: Han Dynasty - Six Dynasties
Early Date: -206
Late Date: 589
Xi Wangmu
Dong Wang Gong
Credit Line:Received from various sources, pre-1954


Round, bronze mirror with central large knob placed over a square in low relief. Four small knobs with ten satellite little knobs are placed at the four corners of the square. Two robed figures, identified by inscriptions as Xi Wangmu, Queen Mother of the West, and Dong Wang Gong, King Father of the East, are placed on opposing sides of the square. Attendant figures and winged beings surround them. Figures of the dragon (Azure Dragon of the East) and the striped tiger (White tiger of the West) are placed opposite each other on the other sides of the square. Two borders, typical of the period, decorate the edge. A fretted, inner border and an outer one of stylized cloud motif that also resembles the lingzhi fungus. The mirror is now broken into several pieces and its condition is severely deteriorated.


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