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Object Number:E13601
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Egypt
Locus: South Portal
Strip 100W, sub N end
Inscription Language:Hieroglyphic
Height: 32.8 cm
Width: 25.2 cm
Credit Line:The Eckley B. Coxe Jr. Expedition to Mit-Rahineh (Memphis), Egypt; Clarence Stanley Fisher, 1915
Other Number:M2772 - Field No SF


Round-topped stela with incised decoration. Reconstructed from three pieces, with damage to the lower right side. There is a borderline which begins at the groundline upon which the gods stand and extends all the way around the stela. There is a secondary groundline below this upon which the worshipper stands. A poorly-proportioned incised winged sun disc exists in the lunette.

At the left is a standing image of Sekhmet, facing right. She has a large uraeus on her head, but no sun disc. She wears a wesekh collar, and her right arm hangs at her side while her left is extended holding a flaring-top scepter or staff. To her right is a standing image of Ptah, facing right. He stands upon a roughly rectangular plinth, but lacks a shrine. He wears a shroud over his shoulders with a tassel at the back. In his hands he holds a was scepter. To the right of Ptah is a standing worshipper, who faces left. He has close-cropped hair, and holds his hands out toward the gods, palms up. Traces of red coloring on his body. His lower half is damaged, but his right foot can be seen on the lower groundline.

There is a line of text above the gods,an epigraph in two columns between the heads of the gods, one column in front of Ptah, one in front of Sekhmet, and a damaged text above the head of the worshipper.


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