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Object Number:MS550
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Italy
Locus: Chamber Tomb 5
Date Made: 600 BCE to 500 BCE
Early Date: -600
Late Date: -500
Height: 40 cm
Width: 19.9 cm
Credit Line:Purchased from Francesco Mancinelli-Scotti, 1896
Other Number:4 - Stevenson Etruscan Series Number


Etrusco-Corinthian olpe. Buff clay, fine texture. Shortdouble-bevelled foot with flat bottom. Drop ovoid body. Narrow drip ledge at base of neck. Neck thin and flaring to curved lip. Rim flared with broad mouth. Single handle constructed of three ropes of clay backed by plain flat strip and attached at mid-shoulder. Two discs (round, flat pieces of clay) added on rim on either side of handle. Design paint dark brown with red and white paint added. Foot is brown. Frieze of brown rays at base. Four friezes at upper base, belly, lower shoulder and upper shoulder. Beneath each frieze bands of brown, red, and white, broad band of brown flanked by narrower red band and very narrow white bands. Friezes of animal figures and numerous fill motifs (rosettes, dots and shapeless blob ornaments). Lowest frieze has 6 lions, belly frieze has 4 lions, a goose, a stag, and a boar, upper shoulder has 2 lions and a stag. All animal figures painted brown with red used to highlight areas of bodies (shoulders, chest, neck, ribs). Fill ornaments also brown with no addition or extra color. Narrow band of white above and below brown drip ledge, row of white dots on ledge. Neck brown with 3 white quartefoils around its middle. Rim reserved except for short distance on either side of discs. At junction of handle and rim, a white quatrefoil. Inner neck brown and bears band of red flanked by narrow white bands. Handle brown. Disc brown with superimposed white rosette on outer face. Incision used to outline areas of animal bodies (shoulders, ribs, heads, rumps, legs) and to mark features of fill ornaments. One rim disc and part of rim missing.


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