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Object Number:B1061
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Iraq
Period: Modern (uncertain)
Section:Near Eastern
Credit Line:Purchased from Khabaza, Baghdad; subscription of R. F. Harper, 1889
Other Number:PBS XIV: 574 - Other Number


CBS Register: seal cylinder, serpentine, fragment, forgery PBS XIV: The worshiping of a seated bearded god, one hand holding a cup, the other resting on his knees. He is dressed in the Assyrian style. He has a diadem about his head, his hair hanging in heavy mass behind with a tasselled fillet down to the waist. A long shawl with several zones of fringes or embroideries, and covering shoulders and arms above the elbows is girded about him. His chair has a high curved back, a cushion and a bar across the legs. His feet rest on a crouched animal, dog or dragon (?). In front there is a pointed vase on a high stand with three cross bars, an emblem of liquid offering and the very picture of the cuneiform sign of abundance. On the other side an attendant or worshiper stands with a fan in one hand and the end of his stola in the other. This long narrow band thrown over his shoulder and hanging to his heels behind is an emblem of his dignity and function. He has the Assyrian beard and hair with a fillet tied about an embroidered robe with zones of fringes. There are moreover a star with eight points above a tree, three dots dividing the field and two border lines with chevrons. Convex cyl. seal. One piece broken off. Serpentine, 32 x 11 mm.


[Book] Legrain, Leon. 1925. The Culture of the Babylonians.. The University Museum, Publications of the Babylonian Section. Vol. XIV.View Objects related to this reference

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