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Object Number:B3789
Current Location: Collections Storage
Provenience: Iraq
Section:Near Eastern
Credit Line:Babylonian Expedition to Nippur II, 1890
Other Number:PBS XIV: 471 - Other Number


CBS Register: seal cylinder in limestone PBS XIV: The worshiping of a standing bearded god, with hand extended low and touching the muzzle of a seated gazelle or antelope. He has a horned mitre, his hair tied in a loop, a flounced robe. He is a god of hunting like Ninib. The emblems around are a large caduceus with notched handle, symbol of Ishtar and Ninib, a crescent on a short support, and a sun disk with cross and rays. A bearded worshiper in turban and flounced robe brings a kid as an offering. The usual divine attendant adores with one hand up. The emblems in front of her are the ampulla and libra and a human head of a servant or enemy; and behind her a star over a fox or jackal, the rare emblem of Gula the companion wife of Ninib. On the reverse Eabani and Gilgamesh in front face and ithyphallic hold the lance of Marduk over a crouched animal, probably the horned wingless dragon. Cyl. seal. Limestone, 30 x 16 1/2 mm. Nippur, 1891.


[Book] Legrain, Leon. 1925. The Culture of the Babylonians.. The University Museum, Publications of the Babylonian Section. Vol. XIV. Actual Citation : Page/Fig./Plate: fig: 471View Objects related to this Actual Citation

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