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Watson Kintner (1890-1979) was a Chemical Engineer with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), where he was an early pioneer in the standardization of the vacuum tube. Over a period of 36 years he traveled to more than 30 individual countries, beginning in 1933. This subset of his travel films is from Japan.

Number of Videos: 31

Japan 1965 Reel 31 of 40

Reel 31 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nikko


Cat. Reel 282 1965: Reel 31: Japan. May 30. Nikko. Yōmeimon Gate, most beautiful in Japan: a National Treasure: Carved monkeys. Under eaves of gate (25 mm). Carved animals (100 mm). Carved gold-toothed dragon (100 mm). Carved dragon (100 mm). Chinese Gate: frontal. Gate: side, above entrance: note complex curved roof. Gable. Main Hall of Toshogu Shrine: Shinto Small gable (100 mm). White dragon head (100 mm). End-gable (100 mm). Door to gate (100 mm). Hall of Dancing: gable. Carved wooden flower basket. Buildings. Gable, roof. Yōmeimon: general "farewell" view.

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Japan 1965 Reel 30 of 40

Reel 30 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nikko Tokyo


Reel 30 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nikko Tokyo Cat. Reel 281. 1965: Reel 30: Japan. May 26. Nikko. Tokyo. Treasure house: roof, porch, rafters, gilded ridge poles. Decorated walls, etc. (cu). Carvings. Nine decorated carved wooden panels. Details of construction, decoration. Portable shrine (underexposed). Portable shrine (underexposed). Chinese Gate: entrance to inner shrine: Roofs. Tall cedars in background. Building details. Bronze dragon drinking fountain (cu). Altar in Three Buddha Hall. Large ceremonial drum. "Four leaves": resembling stylized metallic trees. Futarasan Shrine: Altar between curtain and pillar: side view (underexposed). Main shrine: gable (oldest building in Nikko area). Roof. Chinese gate. Carved animals on corner. Wood carved dragon. Details of corner. Wood carved dragon (cu). Carved bird's wing under eave. Gilded carving. Corner detail. Under an eave. 6 carved panels of animals (cu). Gilded doorway. Lanterns under eaves. Carved corner. Detail under eaves. Paneled door (underexposed). Side view of many roofed inner sanctuary. Panel door. Hall of Worship: construction and decoration of gables (25 mm, 100 mm). Carved animals (much underexposed). Inner sanctuary: gable. Kokamon Gate to Tomb of Iemitsu: a national treasure. Gate of Peony: Carved guardian demons. Gate of Peony. Hall of worship is visible. Through Gate of Niten-Mon (4 guardians: 1.) Komokuten, Guardian of East 2.) Jikoku, of West 3.) God of Thunder 4) God of Wind

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Japan 1965 Reel 29 of 40

Reel 29 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto Toba Pearl Islan Kamakura Enoshima Hachiman Shrine Nikko


Reel 29 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto Toba Pearl Islan Kamakura Enoshima Hachiman Shrine Nikko Cat. Reel 280 1965: Reel 29: Japan. May 20-26. Kyoto, Toba. Pearl Island. Kamakura. Enoshima. Hachiman Shrine. Nikko. Pearl nuclei at insertion stand: note mantle (cu). Expanding wedge to open oyster (cu). Clamped oysters in water prior to insertion of nuclei. Cleaning, cutting mantle strips for insertion along with nuclei: hand tools(cu). Inserting nuclei in oyster (cu). Oyster with two pearls. Opening oyster with knife, removing pearls (cu). Hand sorting cultivated pearls: colors vary (cu). Showcase display of pearl color variation. Power lathe for drilling string hole in pearls. Selecting pearls for necklaces by hand, (cu). Necklace (cu) : pearls classified as pink (5%,), silver(20%) , blue (25%), gold (50%). Boat for AMA divers: cabin, stove pipe. Boat house. Tub. Diver. Exhibition pearl diving. Curving pattern on mirror to be lacquered: hand tool (cu). Lacquer mirror. Trained "fortune telling" bird retrieves written fortune from miniature shrine (cu). Hachiman (God of War) Shrine: Front exterior, Purification rope around tree. Wooden guardian demon: several views. Carved wood: 3 examples inside building. Portable shrine: over 400 years old. Screen picture: a man. Complicated wood carving. Priest's shoes at shrine entrance (cu). Shrine building: note graceful curves. R.C.A. Victor dog statuette. Massive metal Buddha (at Kamakura) (*see K's notes). Buddha statue: details: folded hands, welded joints, face, etc. (some 100 mm). Foundation stone of building in original position. Metal lantern: panel details. Incense burning pan. Bronze lotus. Hase Kannon Temple: interior (very underexposed). Buddha statue: folded hands, gilded face. Balen plates of "little piked whale." Trained porpoises. Treasure house (at Nippo): door, brass railing, brass sidewall. Sidewall of treasure house: characteristic brass plate construction.

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Japan 1965 Reel 28 of 40

Reel 28 of 40 Unedited travelogue Tokushima Naruto Kyoto Toba


Cat. Reel 279 1965: Reel 28: Japan. Tokushima. Naruto. Kyoto. Toba. Puppet cloth (cu) Puppet exhibition hall (Tokushima): Completed puppets: heads (cu). Design on unique tapestry tapestry cloth: demon with bloodshot eyes, etc. (some cu). Control mechanism of puppet head (cu). Hand chiseling puppet head (A/Aruto shop). Halves of head (cu) Painting puppet face. Internal mechanism of puppet: eye movement, etc. (cu) External movements of puppet (cu). Internal mechanism (cu). Beautiful lady puppet with gold teeth: very funny, note horns(cu). Puppet heads. Natural arm, wrist, hand movement of puppet (cu). Wooden "skeleton" of puppet. Dressed puppets in showcase. Screen picture: a ship (cu). Tamamo Park: Stone bridge. Garden: note shaped trees. Pearl oyster frames in water, possibly on display (underexposed). Pearl oyster frame or cage. Operator cutting, cleaning oyster mantle prior to insertion of nuclei, using tweezers. Mantle strip ready for cutting. Nuclei for insertion in oyster. Cup of fluid to moisten nuclei. Oysters wedged open (underexposed). Oyster in holding clamp: note wooden wedge. Cutting body of oyster, inserting nuclei: hand tools. Display poster: steps in making pearl nuclei (slightly out of focus). Pearls: some black. Nucleus insertion procedure. Nucleus insertion procedure: note cutting knife: this oyster was "killed." An inserting stand.

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Japan 1965 Reel 27 of 40

Reel 27 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kotohira Shrine Marugame Takamatsu Shido Tokushima Lacquer design: mountain peak, shrine, temple, etc. (cu,underexposed). Making fan: splitting bamboo with hand tool (cu). Binding bamboo fan with string (cu) Gluing paper onto fan frame (cu). Putting small paper binder in fans (cu). Packing fans. Fan workshop: workers, tables (good shot). Bamboo umbrella frame. Spacing umbrella ribs (by hand)

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Japan 1965 Reel 26 of 40

Reel 26 of 40 Unedited travelogue Beppu Usuki Mt. Aso Takamatsu In a small shrine: Altar, screen. Rice terraces on way to Mt. Aso volcano(ws). Steam from volcano (distant). Rice paddies in bottom of crater. Crater wall, mountains (distant). Rice paddies. Mountains (ws). Crater wall, road to crater plain. Steam from vent. View from Mt. Aso's rim: volcanic activity, vents, sulfur deposits Sulfur vent. Grass-covered cone (distant). Cows at pasture: owner's name on sides. Altar (cu). Carved wood at shrine(cu). Lacquer shop (in Marugame): making a bowl using electric powered lathe. Carving out a tray: power saw, hand chisel. Lacquering a dish by hand (cu). Polishing red lacquer using a cloth. Cutting out plate design: hand tool. Women lacquering: work benches, lacquer pots: some dark interior shots 4 lacquer designs. Samples of lacquer ware (7 views): one depicting mountains and buildings

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Japan 1965 Reel 25 of 40

Reel 25 of 40 Unedited travelogue Beppu Usuki


Cat. Reel 276. 1965: Reel 25: Japan. May 12. Beppu. Usuki. Stacked bamboo drying. Boys crabbing in river: overturning rocks. Bamboo products: dishes, vases, model boat (some cu) Large ceramic vase. Scene on tile: woman in kimono. Vase (cu) Bamboo factory: hand weaving a bamboo dish (very good cu, some xcu, some slightly out of focus). Weaving a large circular piece. At museum: tapestries. Metal mirrors: one side embossed (cu) Piece of roof tile: end view. Wooden guardian demon. Wooden guardian demon. Usuki: Temple of Mangetsuji: [Mangetsuji Otsu Shiga] 3 groups of stone carvings: Group Hoki: stone Buddha. Artifacts found in area: stone lanterns? Group Two: many stone carvings: Buddhas. Group and individual stone Buddha Harnessing a bullock. Stone demon. Small stone figures in niches. Small shrine: altar, interior views. Screen.

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Japan 1965 Reel 24 of 60

Reel 24 of 40 Unedited travelogue Fukuoka Rengaya town Razaifa Shrine Beppu


Reel 24 of 40 Unedited travelogue Fukuoka Rengaya town Razaifa Shrine Beppu Cat. Reel 275 1965: Reel 24: Japan. May 9. Fukuoka. Rengaya Town. Beppu. Painted scroll scene: procession at Razaifa Shrine. Decorated vase (cu) Christening: baby held in cloth sling around mother's neck, Gaily colored kimono. Guardian warrior statues at shrine gates. Roof: construction. Minor personal shrines: small stone nave, ritual vessels. At Beppu Halls: Geyser: 15 minute period: note rainbow. Blood "hell": muddy pool. Smoking "cone" (proves to be a fake)• Lilies: pink, yellow. Bubbling mud pot (cu). Mud pots. Bubbling geyser. At bamboo warehouse: Weaving bamboo basket by hand (cu) Making bamboo tray by hand. Weaving large, square try by hand (cu). Stripping, trimming split bamboo: hand tools: note knives set in wooden block. Splitting off bamboo strips, using toe to hold bamboo. Heating bamboo for shaping (cu). Cooling bent bamboo in water. Making bamboo tray: trimming with shears, attaching rim: note way operator sits

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Japan 1965 Reel 23 of 40

Reel 23 of 40 Unedited travelogue Fukuoka Rengaya town Hokozaki shrine Razaifa Hachima shrine


Reel 23 of 40 Unedited travelogue Fukuoka Rengaya town Hokozaki shrine Razaifa Hachima shrine Cat. Reel 274 1965: Reel 23: Japan. May 8-9. Fukuoka. Rengaya town. Mongolian ruins. At a doll shop: Sculpting clay figure on rotating stand using knife and fingers (cu of doll face). Putting "flat" clay into mold, pressing by hand. Mold halves put together. Mold halves: showing the fit. Separating mold: a figure's leg with "crab" excess on leg. Clay figures: wide-brim hat. Clay figures: one in pink. Pouring plaster of paris into a mold from which another mold will be made. Partly assembled clay figure. Many figures in various stages of being painted. Clay figure: woman with baby, partly painted. Clay figure: a woman. Dolls on bench: florescent lighting. Workers at table, painting figures. Trimming molded spout to fit body of pot, using hand tool. Trimming sections of a pot. Punching strainer holes in pot. Putting spout on pot. Loom: hand shuttle. Lacquered vessel (underexposed). Shrine: drum (Relics of Mongol invasion preserved in shrine): interior views. Picture of Mongol Anchor Chain. Explanatory signboard. Donation board Ruin of Mongol wall. Picture painted on wood. Carved figure behind screen. Shrine in Rengaya Town: Treasure House: Carved animal with big eyes. Stone work(cu). Large gong. Large drum. Partly gilded lion. Door: bronze fittings (cu). Altar Carved animal on altar. Painted, carved wooden panels on wall near ceiling. Bronze animal. Paintings on side of wall (generally underexposed, out of focus). Two-wheeled carriage (underexposed). Scroll painting: figures

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Japan 1965 Reel 22 of 40

Reel 22 of 40 Unedited travelogue Hiroshima Oita Valley Miyajima


Cat. Reel 273. Reel 23 1965 Japan. Museum, Samurai armour Shinto wedding Garden: Stone lantern. Curved stone bridge. Stone pagoda. Farm house by river (ws). Wood-carved animal with tusks on beam at Shrine. Trained tree: "four layered," Azaleas. Rice storage: hive-shaped building. Pink flower bed (ws) Stone statue: figure seated on a cow. Stone bridge. Workers carrying barrels on shoulder sticks. Bamboo sprouts. Oyster Village: oyster racks (ws, cu) Oyster boat. Mending net on a boat by hand. Shucking oysters on a boat. Small grinding water-wheel: note axle with only two activating arms (cu) Ornamental trees. Typical wall around a home. Digging gravel or sand from riverbed by hand. Rafts for oysters. Oyster shells strung on a line. Small oyster boats. Husking oysters: inside oyster-husking shed: women using hand tool.

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Japan 1965 Reel 21 of 40

Reel 21 of 40 Unedited travelogue Ikuchijima Island Kurashiki Hiroshima


Reel 21 of 40 Unedited travelogue Ikuchijima Island Kurashiki Hiroshima Cat. Reel 272 1965: Reel 21: Japan. May 1-2. Ikuchijima Island, Kurashiki. Hiroshima. Kosanji Temple: main hall. Altar scenes. Screens: feudal scenes (about 8). Temple: exterior, interior. Temple: cylindrical middle section (underexposed). Woodcarver using chisel at Kosanji Shrine. Wooden Buddha, body from one piece. Carved figure (some cu.s). Working gold foil. Kosanji Temple: roofed arcade, carving. Old Kurashiki: Folk Craft Museum: note barred windows, characteristic of rice warehouse. Stone arch bridge, stone guardrails. Old warehouse converted to inn: interior. Garden at inn. Teapot over charcoal fire set in floor (underexposed). Scroll picture: robed figure. Potter's shop (visited by Leach): array of pots. Sea chest, 100 years old. Bridge. Old rice warehouse: stone slabs projecting from canal wall. Poles, nets to catch floating seaweed. Poles in seaweed. Digging for shellfish. Women digging for shellfish. Catch of shellfish. Fishing boats at dock. Fish nets drying: note long, tubular net. Fish trap Fishing boats with colorful flags at dock. Stone anchors. Boat and net in operation. Miyajima Kōsan-ji Temple: main hall. Altar scenes. Screens: feudal scenes (about 8). Temple: exterior, interior. Temple: cylindrical middle section (underexposed). Woodcarver using chisel at Kosanji Shrine. Wooden Buddha, body from one piece. Carved figure (some cu.s). Working gold foil. Kōsan-ji Temple: roofed arcade, carving. Old Kurashiki town Folk Craft Museum: note barred windows, characteristic of rice warehouse. Stone arch bridge, stone guardrails. Old warehouse converted to inn: interior. Garden at inn. Teapot over charcoal fire set in floor (underexposed). Scroll picture: robed figure. Potter's shop (visited by Leach): array of pots. Sea chest, 100 years old. Bridge. Old rice warehouse: stone slabs projecting from canal wall. Poles, nets to catch floating seaweed. Poles in seaweed. Digging for shellfish. Women digging for shellfish. Catch of shellfish. Fishing boats at dock. Fish nets drying: note long, tubular net. Fish trap (*see K's notes for diagram). Fishing boats with colorful flags at dock. Stone anchors. Boat and net in operation. Miyajima (Itsukushima)Shinto Shrine Shrine: built over sea on pilings. Priest dancing at shrine. Shrine: built over sea on pilings. Priest dancing at shrine.

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Japan 1965 Reel 20 of 40

Reel 20 of 40 Unedited travelogue Ikuchijima Island Yamato Shrine Kurashiki Cat. Reel 271 1965: Reel 20: Japan, Apr. 29-May 1. Okayama; Tano; Takahashi Carved wood (Yamato Shrine) (underexposed). Carved animal. Farm scene: house on mound inside high wall (ws) Water wheel (no water) (cu). Farm house garden. Unusual stone lantern. Stone objects: lantern bases? Small wooden shrine (cu). Stone lantern: unique "toed in" legs. Stone carved script on a stone embedded in rock. Demon image: head (cu) Kibi Archaeological Museum: clay vessels, sherds, cone piece with holes, etc. Armor, helmet in museum: neck protectors on helmet. Gold-decorated breast plate (cu) Stirrup. Flexible armor: chain and wire. Armor: probably a heart plate. Clay horse, saddle (cu, out of focus). Clay figure (cu). Clay cylinder (under reconstruction). Burial mound (designated a "National Treasure."). Fishing Village at Tano: Fishing pier. Clay octopus pots. Octopi: one clinging to a hand. Fishing: large, spread net. Ikuchijima Island - Main Hall (copied from Phoenix Hall in Uji): Carved, many-winged bird. Carved flowers. Bronze post: decorated. Buddha and shrine (underexposed).

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Japan 1965 Reel 19 of 40

Reel 19 of 40 Unedited travelogue Ikuchijima Island Kurashiki


Cat. Reel 270 1965: Reel 19: Japan. Apr. 28-29. Ikushijima Island. Kurashiki Carved wood in alcove at temple: robed figures. Carvings: Four-figure groups. Wooden demon, foot on head of baby. Four carved, decorated wooden panels (some underexposed). Temple gate. Koyomona: wooden figurines: Statue: many arms. Four corner post brass plates of Buddha. Carved panel: Four figures. Buddha statue: many arms. Gilt ceiling-corner carvings: demons. Gilt carvings: demons. Ceiling carvings: figures, demons. Carved, gilt demons. Long green demon. Carved demon (cu, out of focus). A painting: many figures. Statue: Buddha holding jug. Panel scene: Five people. Ceiling corner. Ceiling: Six views. Carved dragon, white. White demon (cu, out of focus, 100mm). Gilt dragon, other scenes and details (100mm). Covered walk: decorated. Small vermilion temple: exterior. Temple on hill: circular mid-section. Powered fishing vessel. Farmhouse, yard. Fish trap in Makidoni River. Dam, spillway. Tobacco curing house. Plastic covering over tobacco plants

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Japan 1965 Reel 18 of 40

Reel 18 of 40 Unedited travelogue Ikuchijima Island Bizen Okayam Kurashiki Takahashi Valley


Cat. Reel 269 1965: Reel 18: Japan. Apr. 26-28. Silent/Color Ikushijima Island. Bizen. Okayama. Kurashiki, Takahashi Valley. Small fishing boats with thatched cabins. Weaving reed mats: wooden, foot-powered loom. Shuttle and treadle action. Machine used to make reed warp "threads." (underexposed). View outside cottage. Reed warp making machine: automatic. Mat-making loom. Stone bridge. Fish trap: stone dikes. Wooden statue in old temple (en-route to Takahashi). Small indoor shrine, altar. Wooden statue: head (cu). Stone relief: human figures. Rice pounding or polishing: operated by water wheel (cu). Water wheel. Anchor: bag of stones. Mushrooms drying on screens. Rice terrace farming. Farmhouses. Mushroom farm: growing on logs. Rice terrace. Sowing rice by hand. Long thatch roofed building. Woman with baby on back. Burning rice husks. "Smoke stack." Drying dyed reeds (used for tatami). Dyeing vats: reed bundles hand dipped. Automatic machine for making tatami. Stack of dyed reeds: Tatami strip and cutter. Electric coil to burn frayed tatami edges. Red tatami on loom. Castle: view from boat. Hydrofoil boat (en-route to Omonichi). Castle (distant). Boats on shore. Fishing boat. Home on sea wall. Modern apartment building: airing bedding? Hill farming: fields in distance. Kosanji Temple, Ikushijima Island: entrance gate: Painted wood. Carved wood. Vermillion building. Decorated beams (cu). Statue: figure praying. Building details, decoration. Carved wood in building alcoves (underexposed).

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Japan 1965 Reel 17 of 40

Reel 17 of 40 Unedited travelogue Himeji Oka Ko-jima Okayam Bizen


Reel 17 of 40 Unedited travelogue Himeji Oka Ko-jima Okayam Bizen Cat. Reel 268 1965: Reel 17: Japan. April 24. Himeji. Oka. Ko-jima. Okayama. Bizen Stone lantern. Minister. Garden. Miniature shrine. Shrine. Himeji Castle (distant). Map of castle. Tile roof design. Defense hole in wall. Defense holes. Roof details. Slots in wall (to pour hot water on attackers). Tile design on roof. Salt evaporation plant and process: Wooden racks and ladders (Ko-jima). Reeds (cu). Plant at distance, showing great size. Evaporation beds (pipes underlying). Small shrine near evaporation basins. Orchids. Salt-encrusted reeds at evaporation plant (Ko-jima). Conduits on bamboo supports. Rocks near plant (ws). Stone roller. Carved dragon under gable. Solar "box" on roof to heat water. Paper or cloth fish on a pole. Streamers on a pole. Rope-seed field: yellow. Reed field: green. Farmhouse: wooden-tile roof. Stripping rice straw: automatic machine. Machine for stripping rice straw. Potter (Mr. Kei Fujiwara) at wheel (cu). Beautiful garden. Bizen-ware factory (at Bizen): Sloping kiln. Kei's garden. Pots on display in window. Placing clay in mold. Working on molded clay (underexposed). Bizen-ware: figure head with helmet. Bizen-ware figurines: detatchable parts. Bizen-ware bird.

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Japan 1965 Reel 16 of 40

Reel 16 of 40 Unedited travelogue Sasayama Hashiyama Ono Himeji


Cat. Reel 267 1965: Reel 16: Japan. April 21-24. Sasayama. Hashihama. Ono. Himeji. Tamba ware: bowls, vases, dishes. (Sasayama) Making Tamba ware: Potter using kick-wheel. Shaping tools. Beginning pot: similar to coil method. Beginning lump of clay. Sloping kiln: details. Pottery shop: interior. Tunnel kiln entrance (used 600 years ago). Houses, farms (in Kashihama en-route to Ono). Curtain making: stringing wooden beads (Ono) (cu). Sample curtain. Abacus factory Birch log. Punching-out and drilling abacus discs: automatic machine (cu) Cutting log Cutting abacus discs: automatic machine (underexposed). Discs, before and after machining Workers assembling, polishing abacus (underexposed). Sample abacus. Weaving: winding warp on spools: automatic machine. Temple in Himeji that Nehru helped build: Temple: dome, spire. Fountain (cu). Purification water vessel. Stone shelter. Massive iron lantern: inscribed base. Temple: some dark interior shots Flower bed. Purification rope across Harima Kokushosha Shrine entrance. Women in kimonos at shrine. Donated paper cranes (symbol of wish). Small wooden shrine. Roof construction: note curves. Tile figure on roof: note teeth. Bridge: red, partially stone.

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Japan 1965 Reel 15 of 40

Reel 15 of 40 Unedited travelogue Higashi Dishodaji Toshodaiji


Reel 15 of 40 Unedited travelogue Higashi Dishodaji Toshodaiji Cat. Reel 266 1965: Reel 15: Japan. Higashi. Doshodaji. Toshodaiji. April 14 Priests under shelter. Ceremony Priests approaching altar. Priests leaving altar: note umbrella. Priest: note shoes (cu). Priest: purple cloak. Street scene: baby on mother's back. Small girl with mother. Baby in baby carrier. 4 men wearing armor: back view. Woman: light colored kimono, umbrella. Girls in kimonos. Men and children in traditional clothing: some armor, samurai; many shots (mcu). Men around fire: drunk on sake. Buddha at Tōshōdai-ji Temple Jikoku-ten (wooden statues): Wooden statue of a man: short arm. Wooden head on lacquered base. Wooden Buddha: necklace, small secondary heads. 11-faced Kannon.[Guanyin] Buddha statue: side view. Kondo Hall(759 A.D.) exterior (underexposed). Buddha statue: lacquered Wood, gold leaf: note hands. Lacquered green wooden figure ("Yakushi"). Jikoku-ten Buddha; sword, shin guard. Wholesale goldfish shop. Zoo at Kobe: giraffe, birds. Two-horned rhino. Scrolls at Hakutsuru Art Museum: boats on a river, house

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Japan 1965 Reel 14 of 40

Reel 14 of 40 Unedited travelogue Koyasan Otsu


Cat. Reel 265 1965: Reel 14: Japan. Kōyasan. Ōtsu. April 12-14 Stone lantern. 2 story building: second level is circular. Panel of metal lantern: man playing flute. Lantern panel. Treasure house: some interior shots, dark. Wood carving. Candle holder at shrine. Gilded Buddha statue. Gilded figurines. Red-cloaked priest at altar. Painted Buddha on pillars. Wood carving: birds. Wood carving: leaves. Steps: bronze plate decoration. Ceiling construction. Carved wooden door panels. Palanquins at Hiyoshi Shrine: being prepared for ceremony. Detachable metal decoration on palanquin (cu). Metal mirror: note molded script. Bells on palanquin. Palanquin: end view, hung with ornaments. Ceremonial drum. Palanquin. Priest. Palanquin: cloth decoration (cu). Ceremonial drum (cu). Decorative metal panels. Palanquin handle decoration. Priest at altar. Couple giving offerings. Badly worn cloth on palanquin. Metal decoration. Palanquin: end view Panel: cavorting monkeys Wooden lion People eating lunch on platform. Street scenes: high walls. Child Gathering at Torii Shrine. Japanese armor worn by live models. Ceremony at shrine. Stone shelter over purification drinking fountain. Small wooden shrine in garden. 4 priests at altar. Donated sake bottles. Priests marching into ceremony. Priest at altar.

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Japan 1965 Reel 13 of 40

Reel 13 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nara Koyasan


Reel 13 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nara Koyasan Cat. Reel 264 1965: Reel 13: Japan. Nara. Koyasan. April 10-12 Large metal incense burner. Buddha temple: interior, some very dark. Bronze statue. Pilgrims in white. Wooden statue outside of Todaiji building. Temple bell. Treasure house: log construction. Kasuga-taisha Shrine: Large drum in treasure house. Bridal party being photographed. Shrine interior. Lanterns. Small private shrine in garden. Hanging metal lanterns on shrine. Stone lanterns. Stone steps. 5-story Kōfuku-ji Temple (distant shot). "Guardina" figure. Shrine interior Hōryū-ji Temple (oldest in Japan): Temple: general view. Wooden demon. Wooden demon. 5-story pagoda. Temple: construction details of "world's oldest building" Corridor. Pillar widest at middle. Massive metal lantern, Wood carvings on building exterior. Hōryū-ji Temple: Octagonal Hall. On roof. Geisha girls: note shoes. Kōyasan altar. Palanquin. Wood carved frieze over doorway. Carving in gable. Altar Priest at flame. Offerings on low platforms. Metal Buddha statues. Donation sticks in stream. Lanterns at ceiling. Altar.

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Japan 1965 Reel 12 of 40

Reel 12 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nara Saidaiji


Reel 12 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nara Saidaiji Cat. Reel 263 1965: Reel 12: Japan Nara. Saidaiji. April 8-10. Chiseling wood. Carved wood: partial and complete work. Carvings. Tools Carved, painted figure. Painted carving (cu). Carvings: dark interior. Miniature buildings, miniatures (underexposed). Lacquer box: design on top (underexposed). Lacquer and inlay. Geishas dancing at hotel. Loom in weaver's home: dark interior. Woven cloth (cu). Loom: foot treadle. Small portable loom. Bamboo spinning wheel (made by Mr. Ono). Pot over charcoal fire set in floor. Pottery: Potter's wheel: motorized. Cutting pot from base using string. Potter's wheel. Miniature ceramic temple. Teapot: built-in strainer. Products in showcase: vases, bowl (underexposed). Sloping kiln. Peep holes. Stacking pottery in kiln for firing. Cutting bamboo for tea stirrer: hand saw (family Tanimura * K.'s notes) Scraping bamboo. "Breaking" sliced stirrer tines. Slicing bamboo into 160 tines for stirrer: shaping tines. Slicing tines with iron blade. "Curling" stirrer tines by scraping. Binding strands. Assembly of boards and belts for working, on tea stirrer. Tea stirrers: various models. Gate entrance to Todaiji (Nandaimon gate: ca. 710). Wooden fort: Largest building in the world." Bronze lantern: originally gilded. Panels, sculpture: masterpieces (eighth century).

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Japan 1965 Reel 11 of 40

Reel 11 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto Nara Byodoin


Cat. Reel 262 1965: Reel 11: Japan. Kyoto. Nara. Byōdō-in. April 7-8. Byōdō-in Temple: Carved base for Buddha statue. Carved statue: lotus leaves. Buddha: note hands. Ornamental gilding. Buddha: side view (underexposed). Shoes left at shrine entrance. Temple or shrine. Bamboo fountain, stone trough, bamboo cup. Tree support: bamboo framework. Bronze bell: ornamental design (underexposed). Bamboo donation box. Street scenes. Vender. City: blue roofs (distant shot). Old man: face, robes (cu). Potter making porcelain pot using curved tool (cu). Smoothing dish for glazing (cu). Applying glaze to bowl on rotating stand. Decorating hexagon dish by hand (cu). Decorating dishes with brush (cu). Electric kiln (underexposed). Sloping kiln (Koto Buki Pottery Co., Ltd.) At NARA: Commerce and Industrial Hall: 3 masks: grotesques (underexposed) Single-piece bamboo tea-strainer Bamboo vases. Water dipper. 2 bamboo fans. Painted, wood-carved figures. Famous wood carver: making initial cut. Cutting block with chisel

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Japan 1965 Reel 10 of 40

Reel 10 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto Hachiman (Bamboo Village) Steaming bamboo (under exposed) Wiping culms(stems) Straightening culms Bonsai pot stand or lantern. Bamboo cages. Bamboo bending: bamboo cut-outs used. Bamboo screen. Split bamboo held by wire. Trimming, splitting bamboo using knife. Making bamboo mats: note baby on woman's back-typical. Weaving basket by hand (cu). Baby on mother's back (cu). Making bamboo rings by hand. Splitting bamboo using knife. Making red bamboo object. Workers in bamboo shop. Bamboo cage. Shop owner's home: furnishings, ornaments. Restaurant: dark interior RR crossing: rope guard gate Spiral rail spike. Castle Bell, log hammer. Castle: stone wall. Stone water reservoir. Daigo-ji Temple: Guardian demons at entrance: wooden (cu). Lanterns, curtains along an arcade 5-story pagoda. Pagoda: structural details. Tile roof. MAIN HALL: interior views: Offerings: vases of flowers Altar: dark Ashes of fire on circular stone Carving: figure with sword. Altar Bell, log hammer. Tent (outdoor shop?) Stone carving: seated figures. Decoration on top of building (100 mm). Altar: dark interior. 3 statues. Byodoin [Byodo-in] Temple: 4 wisteria trees on framework. Plain, rice fields (ws) Child's shrine Tea plantation (ws) Farm house; thatched roof.

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Japan 1965 Reel 9 of 40

Reel 9 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto


Cat. Reel 260 1965: Reel 9: Japan Kyoto. April 3-4 Lacquer object (model house?) (Antique Center). 2 porcelain vases. Screen painting. Chion Temple; [Chion-in] Gate. Ceiling (underexposed). Pivot door hinge (cu). Building. Gable. Stone lantern. Roof tile gargoyle. Massive metal lantern. Huge metal bell Ceiling support for bell. Bell and log hammer. Engraved stone stellae. Donation tablets. Metal vase. Stone lantern with iron door. At Gion Shrine: Amusement area: Trained bird performing tricks (cu). Paper lanterns. Child pulling bell rope. Wood carved ceiling (cu). Ceremony at altar (f 1.4, 8 f ps). Shrine: wood carving, purification rope, lantern. Compartment for family shrines. Stone lantern. Armor in glass case. Oki doll at doll store (poor shot). Brilliant doll cloth (cu). Higashi Honganji Shrine: Engraved brass doorplate (cu). Bell and hammer. Shrine: general view. Engraved brass hinge (xcu). Bronze dragon water fountain (cu). Commemoration ceremony for the building: pouring water on Buddha statue

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Japan 1965 Reel 8 of 40

Reel 8 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kyoto


Cat. Reel 259 1965: Reel 8: Japan. Apr. 1-3. Kyoto. Doll cloth (cu). Hand painting design on doll cloth. Nine feudal scenes on doll cloth. Fingernail weaving on manual loom: note uneven woof. Weaving using nail file. Samples of nail weaving (Tsuzure-ori) (cu). Ryoanji Temple: gable. World famous rock garden: 15 rocks on white sand. Stone drinking fountain. Wooden gong for priest (underexposed). Rock for doing laundry. Garden scenes: stone bridge. Trained trees. Screens (about 10) in Kyoto National Museum. In antique district: Stringed instruments (cu) Drum. Screen: feudal scenes (cu) Small statue of a man. Five ivory figurines. Lacquered porcelain: dishes, vases.

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Japan 1965 Reel 7 of 40

Reel 7 of 40 Unedited travelogue Katsuura Kyoto


Cat. Reel 258 1965: Reel 7: Japan. Mar. 31-Apr. 1. Katsura, Kyoto. Fingernail weaving: working on woof Fingernail loom. Jacquard Silk museum Silk kimonos Geisha performing classical dance at hotel (f 1.4, 8 fps). Silva pavilion, imperial villa (Katsura): Woven rice mats protecting plants. Stone fountain, bamboo cups. Small stone lantern. Garden: stone bridge. Log bridge. Bridges. Garden. Rice straw or bamboo fence (Katsura). Farm scenes. Blue tile roof. Bamboo forest. Oriental Bamboo Mfg. Co. Products: Handbag. Trays. Wind chime. Split bamboo vase. Three trays. Baskets. Forks. Miniature boat. Miniature house: sliding windows. Miniature roller. Tray. Bamboo knots. Pile of bamboo: note ends. Bamboo stockpile: different shapes. Making bamboo tray: hammering in bamboo pegs. Twigs for firewood. Golden Pavilion. Pine tree being shaped by bamboo trainers. Golden Pavilion: veranda, roof. Golden rooster on roof (100 mm). Inscription in stone. "Wish" letters on a line. Doll cloth weaving shop. Doll cloth loom: hand operated (cu). Doll cloth (cu). Design on paper for doll cloth

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Japan 1965 Reel 6 of 40

Reel 6 of 40 Unedited travelogue Shugakuin Kyoto


Reel 6 of 40 Unedited travelogue Shugakuin Kyoto Cat. Reel 257 1965: Reel 6: Japan Shugakuin. Kyoto. Mar. 30-31 Miniature bamboo house. Brocade worker Sewing (xcu). Making damascene. Amita company * see K.'s notes for bolder on lacquer process). Working groove into metal dish. Inlaying gold thread. Inlaying operations; use of small hammer. 2 damascene screens (cu). Damascene and gold work: table, drawers. Sign of Amita Jewelry shop. Thatched roof under repair. Imperial villa at Shugakuin. 3 gardens, summer houses Garden paths. Pine tree trained on bamboo poles. Curved bridge. Roof to be thatched. Stone trough. Hand loom: brocade cloth (underexposed). Tatso Mura shop: Loom: foot treadle, wood construction, punch card. Brocade on wall. Mirror (underexposed). Spindle of colored thread (underexposed). Design paper for brocade. Textiles: metal and silk thread. Carpet (underexposed). Garden: moss. Bamboo water piping. Decorated pot. Wood block shop: Gilded wooden statues. Screen picture: bridge. Wood block prints: Samurai, birds, people: 11 prints. Chiseling wood blocks. Block printing on paper

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Japan 1965 Reel 5 of 40

Reel 5 of 40 Unedited travelogue Hoian Shrine Kyoto


Reel 5 of 40 Unedited travelogue Hoian Shrine Kyoto Cat. Reel 256 1965: Reel 5: Japan. Mar. 29-30. Heian Shrine, Kyoto. Lacquer platter: mountains, boats, pearl inlay, (cu). Two decorated lacquer boxes: floral, house, river (cu). Woman applying lacquer, mother-of-pearl inlay. Lacquer picture: Seven men in feudal garb. (cu). Gold-leaf box. Gold box. Lacquer and pearl picture: ancient costumes. Lacquer shrine. Plate: outdoor scene. Two boxes: gold-bird design, leaf design. Sign in lacquer factory: "est. 1857." Hoian Shrine. Metal armor. Old-style woman's dress. Shrine: roof, covered bridge (cu of roof). Steps in lacquer process: display. Girl working on cloisonné wire. Cloisonné wire on object. Working on cloisonné at workbench (cu)• Circular lacquered box: floral pattern. Workshop.(cu) etc. Polishing a dish by hand in holding-frame Completed cloisonné dish, boxes, figures, Decorated clay lion: red tongue. Clay objects: dragon boat, figures. Brown vessel with rope-shaped handles. Potter making bowl by hand on powered wheel: Parked buses for touring school students. Red-haired doll, cloth-dressed. Pottery Shop: making bowl using wooden tool. Potter streaking pot before firing: hand brush, revolving platform. Potter working. Wooden calipers, Shaping tool (cu) Painting crab-design on clay vessel (cu) Interior of electric kiln (cu) Dish with crab design. Japanese bride in traditional Shinto dress, elaborate hat (cu) Nishi Kawa bamboo ship: bamboo curtain. Four miniature houses made of bamboo.

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Japan 1965 Reel 4 of 40

Reel 4 of 40 Unedited travelogue Kumana Nagoya Kyoto Todo Shrine Suzuka Plowing rice field: gas plow. Growing peas: rice straw trellis. Farm buildings and yard. Hills. Cottage. Wooden window frame at roof apex. At Tado Shrine, Kuwana. [Shinto] Living sacred horse. Stone purification fountain, wooden shelter. Shrine building. Inscribed donation tablets (cu). Massive stone lanterns. Hanging basket. Vermilion shrine. "Wish" stones. Shrine. "Wish" stones. Tile factory. Kiln. Tile in kiln. Yard. Stencils for printing on kimono cloth (xcu). Design drawing for cutting stencils (cu). Floral designs on paper (cu) Cutting tools, (cu). Planting rice by hand (Suzuka). Preparing soil, sowing rice seed, covering with cellophane or plastic. Ceramics for sale. Shrine candles. Shrine. Views of royal palace from hotel window. Palace wall. City. Wooden lattice to train bamboo. Complex of houses: roof view. Kiyomizu-dera Temple. [Buddhist] Altar: ritual vessels, flowers. Corner roof construction. Roof. Pagodas. Tile design at end of roof (cu). Bronze casting of dragon drinking fountain (cu). Hanging wooden lantern. Altar scenes. Outer shrine buildings. Paper "wishes" tied to tree. Touring students drinking purification water: characteristic uniform. Lacquer shop. Putting design on lacquer dish by hand. Lacquer dishes: bowls, vases (cu)

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Japan 1965 Reel 3 of 40

Reel 3 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nagoya Kyoto


Reel 3 of 40 Unedited travelogue Nagoya Kyoto Cat. Reel 254 1965 Reel 3 Japan. Mar. 26-29. Nagoya. Kyoto. Scale model sloping kiln. Pottery Parrot's head. Large vases with woodland scenes. Dragon shelf ornament. Clay dragons unfired. Assembling figurines by hand at hone. Sloping kilns loaded. Clay worked by automatic machine. Cups drying before firing. Torii gate to Atsuta Shrines wooden arch. Massive outdoor stone lantern. Purification fountain, bamboo cups at shrine. Purification rope around tree. Shrine roofs cross-beam construction. Woman in traditional dress on shrine steps. Purification branches. Shrine roof. Donation sake bags (cu). Nagoya Castle (1612 a.d.) (distant). Guard towers, walls, moat. Tree wrapped in protective rice straw. Guard tower roof: gilded dragon (cu). In museums Damask coat of Lord Oda. Picture scroll (1716-171*0): seated man, inscription (cu). Scroll: original city of Nagoya. Scrolls Toyotomi Hideyoshi in white robe, chin whiskers. Empty moats inside wall. Human and animal dolls, fans (in Museum) (cu). Miniature palanquin. Masks: grotesques. Printed cloth. Dolls: elaborate, some in costume. Screen painting: Two-wheeled cart (cu). Gold screens, scenes of houses, trees, flowers in a cart. Moat. Guard house. Cloisonné factory’s decoration of a vase Putting wire on flat cloisonné. Wire frame before applying enamel. Applying enamel to vases. Enamel pots. Applying enamel. Flowers. Factory: wooden, thatch-roofed. Wooden farmhouse complex. "Toe" shoe made of rubber and fabric (cu). Gold toothed farmer (cu). Dwarf flowers.

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Japan 1965 Reel 2 of 40

Reel 2 of 40 Unedited travelogue Shizuoka (Toro) Nagoya Kawai


Cat. Reel 253 1965: Reel 2: Japan. Shizuoka (Toro). Nagoya. Kawai. Doorway. Circular foundation. Reconstructed sidewalls. Buildings: interior construction. Garden at Nakashimaye Inn. Cactus plants for sale. Buddhist cemetery. Fish market (at Yai Zoi). Ocean fishing. Large fish. Tuna eggs/ Sprinkling frozen fish. Sword fish. Ocean-going boats. Rice straw mats. Terrace farming. Rice paddy. Piano and instrument factory (Kawai). Manufacturing guitars. Making grand piano frame. Seaweed poles (Lake Hammada)• Pounding pottery clay: automatic machine, (in Seto). Plate-making machine: automatic press. Cups. Wire clay-cutter. Cup handles. Applying glaze to cups. Putting cups and saucers in clay holder for firing. Scenes in pottery building. Buddhist cemetery outside of factory. A filter. Scenes in pottery building. Pottery formed in molds. Hand-rubbing a piece removed from mold. Removing pottery piece from mold. Stamping pottery by hand. Small pottery statues at factory.

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Japan 1965 Reel 1 of 40

Reel 1 of 40 Unedited travelogue Tokyo Yokohama Aburat subo Idawara Castle Hikone Atami Okitsu Shuzenji


Cat. Reel 252 1965: Reel 1: Japan. Tokyo. Yokohama. Aburatsubo. Idawara Castle, Hikone. Atami. Okitsu. Shuzenji. March 23-24 Silk museum (Yokohama): Old loom: Manikin operator. Old Jacquard automated punch-card loom. Old loom. Silk fabrics. Silk kimonos on manikins (some 8 f ps)• Old Japanese armor. Aburatsubo Aquarium: Starfish, fish in tile tub, jelly fish. Idawara castle: pagoda-roof. Aquarium: seals. Egrets. Flowers. Armor (Museum at Atami): (Dark. Film is greenish). Concrete forms prevent wave erosion. Lunch room: food in case. Japanese garden: stone lantern. Garden. Inn. Stone lanterns. Twigs shaped by tying to bamboo poles. Bonsai tree. Temple. Statues of 500 disciples of Buddha. Prayer wheel. Statues on hillside. Growing strawberries under cellophane. Picking berries. Reconstructed dwelling. Log steps. Rodent guard. Thatched wall

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