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Watson Kintner (1890-1979) was a Chemical Engineer with the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), where he was an early pioneer in the standardization of the vacuum tube. Over a period of 36 years he traveled to more than 30 individual countries, beginning in 1933. This subset of his travel films is from Jordan.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 47 of 65

Reel 47 of 65 Unedited travelogue Ajlun Qasr el Mushatta


Cat. Reel 390 1969: Reel 47: Jordan. June 9-10. Ajloun. Qasr Mshatta. Caved-in passageway: note floor above. Room, arch. A room: a door, well above the floor. Ceiling of room, hole in roof: good construction. Interior rooms and passages. Arrow slot. Room: small-stone construction, vent hole in roof. Recess in wall for beam. Falling arch. Ajloun Castle (vertical pan shot) Arrow alcoves and slots. Solid stone arch or lintel. Qasr Mshatta ruins (8th Century A.D.) (pan shot). Round tower: good masonry. Alcove. Ruins (pan shot). Very large buildings (pan shot). Interior construction (pan shot). Very large domed room. Interior courtyard. Stone carvings (cu). Marble pillar: note lead holes. Fallen arch. Frescoes in front of ruins. Intricate carving. (pan shot). Frescoes on facade (mcu).

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Jordan 1969 Reel 46 of 65

Reel 46 of 65 Unedited travelogue Jarash Ajlun


Reel 46 of 65 Unedited travelogue Jarash Ajlun Cat. Reel 389 1969: Reel 46: Jordan. June 8-9. Jarash. Ajloun. Mosaics (all cu or mcu): Mosaic in St. Cosmos and Domianus Church: trees, man. A bird. Man with pail and shin guards. Dog on leash. Cow. Coiled geometric design. Bird. Swastika design. Coil design. Jug with long handle (in Museum). Jugs: 3 examples. Mosaics from Jarash: buildings, a bird. Mosaic: beautiful jug with two large handles. Mosaic. Carved stone communion vessel. Grey stone carving of man's bowed head. Red statue (in "case of Venus"). Ceremonial pool at Cathedral Church (A.D. 375). Hexagonal paving stones. Columns, column stubs, temple platform. Niche for statue. Sculptured stones: geometric designs. Flat arch with keystone at Cathedral entrance. Street of Columns: looking toward North Gate. North tetra pylon. Projecting stone on pylon, for a statue. Street of Columns(the thalass, a ritual vessel) Street of Columns: looking south, note columns. Alcoves thistle flowers. North Theater (has alcoves in middle promenade): Pillars, entablature. Alcove. Thistle. Arch of bath house. Columns: view from Rest House. (pan shot). View from Hadrian Gate. (pan shot). Ajlun Castle (c. 1184): interior passageway, storerooms, square tower Well built wall with arrow slots Tower. Moat, pan shot up the side at the corner. Corner: masonry built upon rock. Wall. Projection, probably for pouring down hot oil, lime, stones, etc. Moat (probably). Side wall with "return holes," possibly "hitching post." Interior steps and alcoves in wall. Arrow slot. Well on side stairs. Room: roof constructed with small stones.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 45 of 65

Reel 45 of 65 Unedited travelogue Jarash


Passageway at orchestra level: note construction. Upper seats: note entrances to middle section. Guy rope hole in middle section seat. Seat. Forum and Street of Columns: view from Promenade level, showing extensive use of columns. Passageway from level of Promenade circle: note ceiling construction. Stage: view from Promenade circle (pan shot). Seats: view from Promenade circle: guy-rope holes, (pan shot). Forum, street of Columns. Artemis Temple (pan shot). Promenade circle: passage entrance on orchestra level (pan shot). Zeus Temple: side view. Forum columns with entablature (pan shot). Column and entablature: note knobs, used with rope to hoist drum into position, (pan shot). Columns in Forum. Street of Columns, looking north from Forum. A capital (mcu). Paving up Street of Columns: chariot grooves. Entablature. Columns with platform on side to hold end of an entablature at a different level. Entablature platform on column. Carved capital (100 mm). 4 pylons at intersection of Street of Columns with side street. Side street, pylons: note alcoves for statues. Side street: view looking toward modern Jerash. Side: view looking away from modern Jerash. Street of Columns: looking from Tetra Pylon toward North Gate. Street of Columns: view looking toward Forum: note shelf for statue. The Nymphaeum fountain beside Street of Columns: excellent carving. Man hole cover for drainage. (overexposed). Street of Columns: views looking south, then north from street leading to Artemis Temple. Side platform of Artemis temple, columns. Pillar, fallen column. Artemis Temple: side view, platform, pillars. Artemis temple: front view, pillars, interior. Base of pillars, cross section of wall. Two niches. Artemis temple: side view. Carved capital. Columns: partly buried. Row of columns on west side of Artemis temple. Two tombs or water cisterns. Two half buried columns geometric design. Mosaics in St. Cosmos and Damianus Church (Byzantine): animals, etc. Mosaics: trees, man with mustache.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 44 of 65

Reel 44 of 65 Unedited travelogue Madaba Jarash


Reel 44 of 65 Unedited travelogue Madaba Jarash Cat. Reel 387 1969: Reel 44 Lebanon. Madaba. Jerash. Mosaic pictures in situ (Madaba): A bird. Water jug (cu). Animal. Orange or lemon trees, animals (cu, pan shot). Lion facing an animal. A lady's head, Large geometric design, bird in cage, rooster (cu, pan shot). Last of mosaic series. Pottery burial urn containing child's remains, found in Madaba. (Iron Age, in Madaba Museum). Pot with built-in stand. Pot with many handles around rim. Large flat dish with solid handle. Pot with legs, handle, hole in upper part. Pot with holes, handle. Flat, open dishes; lipped. Small open dish, knobbed on sides. Large liquids vessel with neck opening, strainer spout, handle. Pot with rings for a stand. Last scene from Iron Age material above. Small mortar and stone. Rectangular stone dish. Stone mortar and pestle. Three 2-handled pots. Hadrian Gate, a view looking toward Jerash. Jerash: note Zeus temple, forum, short gray pillars, long brown pillars, Roman street. Zeus temple: theatre, forum at head of the Street of Columns, columns at right angle to street of Columns. Backstage area: 3 entrances, alcoves, stage niches (pan shot). Stage niches, wall separating orchestra from seats. Passageways for audience: many arched entrances. Stairways to top of theater seats (pan shot). Holes in floor of first row of seats, probably for an awning. First 4 rows of seats (pan shot). Seat numbers (cu). Hole for awning guy rope.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 43 of 65

Reel 43 of 65 Unedited travelogue Madaba


Reel 43 of 65 Unedited travelogue Madaba Cat. Reel 386 1969: Reel 43: Jordan. June 6. Madaba. Mosaic map in St. George's Greek Orthodox Church, showing Palestine of 6th Century A.D. Pan, shot of map showing Jordan river, Dead Sea, Egypt, Alexandria, Christian Monastery, Jerusalem. Scenes from map: River Jordan with fish. An antelope (cu). The Monastery, (cu). Mountain of Templeton. Jericho (I E P I X W) Good Samaritan Inn. Tributary of Jordan river, St. John and Hagala monasteries (cu). Dead sea with ship (cu, pan). Ship mast, hand of traveler, (cu). Ship. Oars, Legs. (cu). Nile river Monastery, (cu). Map of Jerusalem showing 7 gates (cu). St. George's Church: altar, picture of Christ in dome above altar. Golden painted icon: a Bishop on Patriarch's seat. Icon: Michael. Gabriel. Icon: Mary and angel. Icon: David and soldier with shield. Icons (a series of 20, none retouched, from 16th to 19th Century). New Testament in Arabic: plated with relief figures. Gold plated Greek bible (14th to 16th Centuries): 5 pictures: St. Nicholas, St. John, St. Mathew, St. Mark, Jesus, (some out of focus). Hinge and lock. "Communion" boxes: ornamented, gilt. Painting: Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Ornate cross: 12th to 14th century. Ornate cross: front and back. Mosaic in museum (at Madaba): Two Roman female dancers with cymbals. Symbols, dancers (cu, pan). Mosaic: animal, water jug. (mcu). Mosaic: animal head. (cu).

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Jordan 1969 Reel 42 of 65

Reel 42 of 65 Unedited travelogue Petra Karak


Cat. Reel 385 1969: Reel 42: Jordan Petra. Karak. June 4-5 Mountains: note tomb entrance, homes, "unfinished tomb", Jupiter Temple, red door of museum (distant pan shot). Drainage arch along Roman street. Jupiter Temple "Unfinished tomb". Roman carved stone near museum. Carvings on doorway lintel: note that carvers worked from top down on cliff face (cu). Nabataean pottery (slightly out of focus). Roman carved relief heads, striated rocks in background. Tile pipes, probably Nabataean. Stone flour mill : holes for handle to rotate mill (mcu). Palace tomb, Corinthian tomb, urn Temple: view from Roman road (pan shot). Drainage ditch cut into Roman road. Triumphal arch, distant mountains. Palace tomb, Corinthian tomb, Urn Temple, tombs (distant shot). Petra mountains, view while leaving Petra. Bakery (pan shot). Perpendicular stone boundary markers. Old town of Wadi Musa (distant pan shot). Threshing floor. Family compounds, stone enclosures. Camels at pasture. Roadside scenes: distant countryside. Wall of Karak Castle: slits for archers. Karak Castle ruins: interior. [Qir of Moab] Man at gate. Two arched entrances. Converging "portholes" for arrows. Long room or corridor, roof made of small rocks. Converging "portholes:" plugged by loose stones. Room (underexposed). Long corridor (underexposed). Note slabs to support table top. Holes in roof. "Porthole" plugged by stones. Small alcoves. Dining room: Catapult balls. Room, probably a storeroom: Long subterranean corridor. Arches, walls, etc. above corridor. Sidewalls, on side of mountain.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 41 of 65

Reel 41 of 65 Unedited travelogue Petra


Reel 41 of 65 Unedited travelogue Petra Cat. Reel 384 1969: Reel 41: Jordan. Petra. June 3-4 Water drainage channel of the striation, tomb-striations on the left. The Urn temple and tombs in wall above 5 pillars (pan shot). Stubs on a door in wall opposite temple. Facade of Urn temple (clockwise pan shot). Windows in tomb. Entrance door: note decorations, striations. Large room in Urn Temple, used as Roman courtroom: note striations and recesses. Tethering hole for securing prisoners: note pick marks. Small recesses for lamps. Tethering holes. Theater, adjacent tombs. The treasury (El Khazna): Petra's most exquisite building (short pan shot). The treasury: upper part, carved urn supposed to contain treasure: note bullet marks. The treasury: right side (pan shot). Ornately carved entrance door, circular window. Door carvings. Round window. Carved pillar inside vestibule. Carvings inside treasury. Door post holes in sill. Door, striations. The Sig, a pan shot to the top, viewed from the treasury. Side valley: note stone steps. Weathered rock. "Plate shoes" worn by horses. The treasury: 4 pillars of lower section (pan shot). The treasury: upper section, note carvings, "toe holds" on side. The treasury (pan shot). Top of pillar. Bullet marks on statue. Details. The treasury: upper part (pan shot). Main Roman street, paved. Ruins. Steps leading to homes. Locking device: a hole in rock. Remaining columns along Roman Street (cu). Paving of the Roman street. Steps. Triumphal arch, red doors of museum in distance. Carved arch.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 40 of 65

Reel 40 of 65 Unedited travelogue Petra


Cat. Reel 383 1969: Reel 40: Jordan, Petra. June 2 -3. Upper park of large facade carved in cliff. 2 mountains through which Romans took Petra (about 106 A.D.) 2 men on horseback. Facades, stone steps, tombs, pillars: note carvings on facades (25 mm, 100 mm Tombs in mountain side. Pan shot to Roman theatre: tombs cut away to make seats. Cut-away tombs, passageway entrance. Front of stage from backstage. Backstage. Alcoves, entrances: view from orchestra area. Passageway entrances opposite those above. Seats (pan shot). Arch of entrance passageway. (100 mm). Cut-away tombs: note weathering. Palace tomb: 4 entrances (pan). Palace tomb: middle section, upper section. Space between Palace Tomb and Corinthian tomb. First door, corner construction, small tombs under cliff. Door, large room with altar in back. Door. Interior chamber. Door. Upper studs, interior. Sidewalls of Corinthian tomb: note channel for storing rainwater and preventing erosion. Corinthian temple: lower part, then to top of three facades, (pan shot). Door and inner chamber (pan shot). Door and inner chamber with pillars. Veining and weathering beside Corinthian tomb. Cistern. Ordinary tomb with striations and 2 doors, one above the other.

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Jordan 1969 Reel 39 of 65

Reel 39 of 65 Unedited travelogue Amman Aqaba Petra


Cat. Reel 382 1969: Reel 39: Jordan. Amman, Aqaba. Petra. June 1-2. (The Nabataeans, people originally from N.W. Arabia who did the stone carving at Petra, and on the Sig, a narrow defile that is the only entrance to Petra through the mountains to the east) Camels at waterhole Bedouins. Loaded camels. Donkey. Camel herd. File of sheep led by man with donkey. Village oasis: mud walls, palm trees. Camel train. Sheep at well. Terrace farming, green valley, Petra mountains, town. Roman school building. Tombs cut in rock. Foot-holes in mountain side. Tombs with facades and eroded columns. Stone barrage to divert water into Nabataean tunnel at entrance to the Sig; reconstructed. Pan shot to top of Sig: steps in rock lead to temple or home. Remains of Roman Triumphal Arch. 2 niches, for deities, in sidewall of Sig. Chisel marks, probably in plaster. Water channel to Petra in sidewall of Sig. Pan shot from Sig to Sky. Colored veining and weathering in the Sig. Treasury building viewed from the Sig: note cutaway in side of building. A room inside treasury building, for gods that stand guard. Rock steps. Rock formation: note at least one facade. Striation of rock. Water channel in Sig. Cut facades of buildings. Stone steps. Tombs, facades.

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