Video Subject: Jordan

"Zarethan" (1967)

Produced by the Southern Baptists Convention, 1967. Filmed in Jordan and featuring Biblical Archaeol...

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Miscellaneous Kahop Footage thumbnail.

Miscellaneous Kahop Footage

Partially edited travelogue and titles Gardens of Rufilo Tuscany Petra, Syria East Asian seaport...

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Jordan 1969 Reel 45 of 65 thumbnail.

Jordan 1969 Reel 45 of 65

Reel 45 of 65 Unedited travelogue Jarash


Passageway at orchestra level: note...

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Circumnavigation #2: (1930) thumbnail.

Circumnavigation #2: (1930)

Edited travelogue with narrative titles Circumnavigating the Earth...

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Petra, Iraq, Persia thumbnail.

Petra, Iraq, Persia

Unedited travelogue footage Shotlist Footage taken by Arthur and Kate Tode mostly at the Petra s...

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The Book and the Spade: Replacement Footage (1967) thumbnail.

The Book and the Spade: Replacement Footage (1967)

Dr. James Pritchard's dig in Jordan; outtakes....

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"The Book and the Spade"

Filmed in Jordon and Palestine, this film presents the Biblical Anthropology field work of James B. ...

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