Australia 1961 Reel 38 of 46

Category: Travelogue

Length: 18:06
Film ID F16-0218
Film Description Reel 38 of 46
Unedited travelogue
Heron Island


9/0:00 Clams.
7/9 Coral feeding.
6/16 Soft coral.
21/22 Pentagonal sea star.
13/43 Coral feeding.
13/56 Soft coral feeding.
41/1:09 Anemone.
14/1:50 Septagonal sea star.
ll/2;04 Sea star: one leg is short.
18/2:15 Gray polyps.
11/2;33 Tube worm.
4/2:44 Closing aperture after draining.
10/2:48 Cone shell.
63/2:58 Coral.
7/4:01 Clams.
12/4:08 Coral feeding.
20/4:20 Fueling boat.
10/4:40 Load glass-bottom boat.
5/4:50 Boat cabin (Mr. Kintner's room center).
5/4:55 Mr. Kintner's clothes line.
38/5:00 Birds on shore.
11/5:38 Yellow tube worm.
2/5:49 Clams.
52/5:51 Gray anemone.
6/6:43 Brain coral.
91/6:49 Soft gray coral feeding.
14/8:20 Nundehand (?) (film somewhat exposed).
7/8:34 Seaforth Island.
15/8:41 Oysters growing on rocks.
141/8:56 Collection of shells and hermit crabs (see K's notes on shell taxonomy).
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Coral reef, Australia, Heron Island, Tropical fish
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