Cyprus: Excavations at Kourion.

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Film Description Cyprus. Excavations at Kourion.

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The University of Pennsylvania Museum began excavations at Kourion in 1934, led by George McFadden, B.H. Hill and John Franklin Daniel, working continuously until 1953. Work focused in particular on the sanctuary of Apollo Hylates and the nearby Stadium, the acropolis of the Classical city including the Theater, and the Late Bronze Age site, known as Bamboula, where the accompanying settlement was also uncovered. The extensive early Iron Age necropolis at Kaloriziki was also explored, following work there by Porphyrios Dikaios of the Department of Antiquities earlier in the decade. The Cypro-Classical, Hellenistic and Roman burial grounds around the church of Ayios Ermoyenis below the acropolis were also excavated during this time, along with other burials of this period elsewhere in the Kourion area.

Workmen gathering at field, then a delivery of sangak bread by carriage.
A protest march (?) with green, white and red flag. Secondary signs in Arabic.
Shepherd near the site, with sheep. Sign reads: To the Sanctuary of Apollo.
Digging at the site.
School children visiting the site.
Handling artifacts found at the site, taking notes.
Views of the site and the sea beyond.
Mosaic floor.
More views of site and working.
Video Category Expedition & Excavation Footage
Topics Kourion, Cyprus, Archaeology, Field work, University Museum expeditions, Roman antiquities

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