The True Maya Apocalypse


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Film Description:In this 2012 Maya Weekend lecture, Simon Martin discusses the True May Apocalypse.
It has taken many years to understand the culture that lies behind these fabulous, and sometimes perplexing, records and to gain some sense of an ancient mindset that is both
very similar to and very different from our own. The past two decades, in particular, have seen tremendous advances in the decipherment of the Maya script. Today we realize that
the Maya did not worship time as such, but did conceive of a cosmos that was intrinsically ordered by numbers and chronology. The lives of both humans and gods were entwined in
the same interlocking cycles, differing only in scale: the vast expanse of the divine order contrasted with the minuscule spans of mortals.
Video Category:Lecture
Video Date:05/06/2012
Contributor: Simon Martin

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