Chimpanzees (1960)


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Film Id:F16-0525
Film Description:Partially edited footage
Chimpanzees at play and using basic tools
Footage of scientists examining chimpanzee skulls at end of reel


(Please note that there is a soundtrack for this film but it was not transferred properly before upload).

Chimpanzees interacting, using tools
Dr. Louis Leakey, Dr. Mary Leakey and Dr. Gerhard Heberer discuss the bones of chimpanzees.

Identification of the scientists at the end was made by Dr. Alan Mann of Princeton University, and Dr. Janet Monge of University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Monge notes that Dr. Louis S.B. Leakey and Dr. Mary D. N. Leakey appear at the end, and Dr. Mann notes that the third person is Dr. Gerhard Heberer from Gottingen. There is an article Heberer wrote about the OH9 skull* and in it he describes his two meetings with the Leakeys in 1961.

*Über einen neuen archanthropinen Typus aus der Oldoway-Schlucht
Author: Gerhard Heberer; Zeitschrift für Morphologie und Anthropologie, Bd. 53, H. 1/2 (März 1963), pp. 171-177
Video Category:Expedition & Excavation Footage
Topics:Physical anthropology, Fossil remains, Chimpanzees, Leakey, Louis S.B., Leakey, Mary N., Heberer, Gerhard
Tags: Chimpanzees | Heberer, Gerhard | Leakey | Leakey, Louis S.B. | Leakey, Mary N. | Physical anthropology
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