Lebanon 1969 Reel 38 of 65


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Film Id:F16-0381
Film Description:Reel 38 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 381 1969: Reel 38: Lebanon Baalbek, Anjar, Beit ed-Dine. May 7.

Bacchus temple peristyle, ceiling.
"Falling" keystone at door of Bacchus temple.
Intricate stone carving of doorway.
Capitals along a wall.
Columns, arched niches
Hitching post for horses
Venus temple opposite Bacchus temple
Partly cut stone block, Jupiter and Bacchus temples in background.
Limestone block, said to be largest cut stone in the world
2 series of arches (at Anjar)
Ruins of city wall, Round defense towers
Street "2-story" arches (pan shot)
Area of a row of shops
Remains of 4 arches
4 pillared building, probably a temple.
Mosaic floor, in situ
Niche or alcove.
Round defense tower
Steps to top of tower
Orchid, planted by caretaker (cu)
2-story arch.
Beit ed-Dine castle (nineteenth century): main entrance with mosaics, wooden polygonal windows.
Main entrance: mosaic, stone work
Room: carved stone walls, elaborate ceiling with mirrors.
Reception room: bouquet in window bay, sidewall seats, tile floor.
Room with highly decorated carved wood
Chinese porcelain vase (mcu).
Decorated dish (mcu).
Decorated vase (mcu)
Decorated dish
Chest with mother of pearl inlay
Fountain with water flowing over gilded carving and tile mosaic in wall
Carved sidewall decoration (cu).
Flint lock gun.
Gold embroidery.
Elaborately carved, gilt ceiling.
Bridal shoes with bells.
Bridal shoes: mother of pearl inlay, and high so that guests can see bride over her companions
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Baalbek, Anjar, Beit ed-Dine, Museums, Roman antiquities
Tags: Anjar | Baalbek | Beit ed-Dine | Museums | Roman antiquities
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