Ethiopia 1969 Reel 22 of 65

Category: Travelogue

Length: 17:41
Film ID F16-0365
Film Description Reel 22 of 65
Unedited travelogue


Cat. Reel 365 1969: Reel 22: Ethiopia. April 7-8. Lalibela.

Stone and thatch tukuls (en-route to St. Gabriel Church): round,
two story.
Granite arches of St. Gabriel. Windows.
A painting in a book.
Weaving reed blankets by hand: no loom.
Weaver and loom in yard: horizontal loom, hole for treadle action,
warp around posts.
Loom action (cu).
Waver and loom.
2 tukuls, one with second-story porch.
2 stone grinding mills. Lost wax casting: making silver crosses.
Heating the wax: metal vessel, skin bellows.
Molten wax filtered through cloth to hardening pan.
Fueling the fire.
Removing hard wax from pan.
Scraping clean the wax surface.
Cutting wax, probably with hot knife.
Smoothing edges of wax using a hot knife.
Cutting off long slender piece.
Scraping wax with knife
Cutting, smoothing wax square.
Cutting wax square to desired shape, cutting out design, indenting edges
with hot knife.
Finished wax pieces on anvil.
Welding wax pieces with hot knife.
Cutting welded pieces with a hot knife.
Mixing clay on a stone anvil, flattening it on a cloth.
Pressing wax model into clay, covering wax with clay, leaving an opening in the mold.
Heating clay-wax assembly on charcoal fire: wax volatilizes.
Silver or alloy in crucible over fire.
Pouring silver into clay mold, using tongs.
Breaking the mold: a silver cross.
Filing and polishing cross held in clamp.
Boiling lime or lemon juice in vessel, for cleaning the cross.
Village huts. People carrying wood.
Making a cross: larger than the cross above, same procedure.
Video Category Travelogue
Film Creator Watson Kintner
Topics Lalibela, Churches, Metal casting, Silver casting

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