Ethiopia 1969 Reel 7 of 65


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Film Description:Reel 7 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Adi Caieh


Reel 7 of 65
Unedited travelogue
Adi Caieh

Cat. Reel 350 1969: Reel 7: Ethiopia [Current day Eritrea]. March 24. Senafe. Asmara. Adi Keyh. Decamere.

Farm lands.
Donkeys, People: going to market.
Farmland: less vegetation than Addis area.
Women walking to market through fields.
Rocky farm area (near Adi Keyh).
Women with loaded donkey. Umbrellas.
Irrigated vegetable garden.
Plow: power driven.
Circular, stone grain storage platform en steep mountainside.
Well: raising water with bucket and pulley.
People at well.
Grain market! grain on mats, stone platform (pan shot).
Chicken for sale.
Spices in open sacks.
Small vegetables. Flat, reed hat.
Reed weaving: splitting and tying reeds using hand tool.
Reed mat and blanket section of market.
Discarded cans for sale.
Stone platform for selling salt.
Market: note burlap sun shield, (pan shot).
Mosque: wall, dome, minaret.
Tall clay or brick chimney. Lilac.
Woman removing cotton seed by hand (Asmara).
Removing seed by rolling iron bar over cotton.
Spinning reels: wooden, hand-held.
Spinning cotton: spindle in one hand, cotton in the other,
dexterous technique (good cu).
Spinning: from one reel to another.
Flat stone for baking oat and wheat bread: grease from flax and castor oil.
Griddle cover: concave, clay, with handle.
Pouring bread dough onto griddle: note opening for wood fuel.
Cover placed over dough.
Removing hot bread using reed mat.
Making "bread beer": barrel of fermenting dough ("dagus").
Grinding oats and wheat for bread: stone grinder, basin for catching flour.
Making wooden farm tools, using hand tool.
Burlap shelter for a worker.
Wooden farm tools, wooden blades, etc.
Cutting metal drum to make basin, using hand tool.
Finished basins.
Hammering lip of basin on anvil.
Iron frame to hold a vessel for heating.
Griddle on iron frame.
Portable, metal charcoal stove: note grate, cup.
Blacksmith's shop: hammering and shaping iron.
Wick lamp.
Making concave-convex iron cover, using wooden hammer.
Making metal funnel using hammer and iron gear for shaping.
Grain section of market.
Mosque and minaret.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Eritrea, Senafe, Asmara, Adi Keyh, Decameré, Mosques, Marketplaces
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