Ethiopia 1969 Reel 2 of 65


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Film Id:F16-0345
Film Description:Reel 2 of 65
Unedited travelogue
"Salt Valley"


Reel 2 of 65
Unedited travelogue
"Salt Valley"

Cat. Reel 345 1969: Reel 2: Ethiopia. March 17-18.
Bati. Kombolcha. "Salt Valley."

Farm tools for sale at Bati Monday Market.
Slabs of salt for sale: note reed strip protecting edges. Rope tied bundles.
Salt: note gourd measures (salt is used for money).
Grain market: many umbrellas.
Mended gourd. Grain market.
Mended hide for a bed.
Grain in a skin sack.
Sparkling butter on braided hair.
Grain market for home needs. Note girl's shoulder oiled with butter.
Poultry, sea shells, medicine for sale, note leaf bandage on girl's
Sugar cane for sale.
Eucalyptus reeds or seedlings.
Slender woven reed sacks.
Grain market: view from downhill.
Vegetable market: batteries and stones used as weights for balance
scale. Peppers and gourds.
Women loading camel and donkey.
Leading a hobbled camel.
People, animals leaving market: last scenes of market.
Loading camels: last scenes of Bati.
People on road from Bati market.
Village huts on a hill.
Pulling up millet roots and making a barrier.
Bati. Kombolcha. "Salt Valley."
Roadside store (at Elva en-route to Sardo) wood and thatch building.
Note spear.
Salt valley and desert.
Woman washing dishes in river. Cows drinking.
Whirl winds in desert.
Five-sided lava crystal.
Broken lava.
Return route to Kombolcha: road, low trees or bushes.
Village, houses, huts, the surrounding land.
Village well. Muddy river in flood.
Grassy mountain.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Bati, Kombolcha, "Salt Valley"
Tags: "Salt Valley" | Bati | Kombolcha
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