Turkey 1967 Reel 47 of 52

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Film Description:Reel 47 of 52
Unedited travelogue


Reel 47 of 52
Unedited travelogue

Cat. Reel 338 1967: Reel 47: Turkey. June 22-24. Barbaros. Çeşme. Bergama. Pergamon.[Mysia]

Ruins: windmills or cisterns.
Fort (14th - 15th Cent. A.D., Çeşme).
Farmyard. Man on mule-back.
Oven of stones.
Loaded camels.
Pottery stand. Tile, jugs.
Camel caravan.
Grass hut.
Farmyards: Stone or mud-brick huts, fenced yards.
Threshing sledge.
Hammering flints into threshing sledge.
Grass porch of hut. Oven.
Grass home: side decorated.
Grass porch, whitewashed sides of building.
Stone coop.
Windmill water pump.
Tile piping (Bergama): note flange on pipe.
Water storage: ruin of large cistern (?).
Two columns, bases for columns, along street.
Paved street with columns.
Temple (pan shot).
Library: two alcoves (pan shot).
Artist's drawing or model of the original buildings. Asclepeion.(healing temple).
Columns at far end of south portico.
Ruins: general view.
View down south portico.
Lower seats from stage level: honor seats, aisle, (pan shot).
Upper seats, (pan).
Seat and foot areas.
Sacred underground passageway: part of therapeutic rites
Resting place, used after passing through sacred passageway.
Resting place, steps used after completing ceremony.
Entrance ways, theatre, columns, end of Asclepeion (pan).
Former Roman laundry: original intake, still in use.
Acropolis, fort: Two views (relatively distant).
Pan from Athena Temple to valley, road (Bergama).
Column stubs at Athena Temple.
Rough-stone arch.
Triano Temple: capital in center.
Triano Dias (from which he addressed the people).
Arched storage vaults and part of Triano's temple
Capitals of other meeting place on side of Triano's Temple.
Theater viewed from Triano's Temple.
Triano's temple and two meeting places.
Clay water or wine storage pot in street, for guards.
Deep cistern: column in center, now a wishing well (Roman use not known)
Temple of Zeus: Two pine trees
Dionysus Temple.
Video Category:Travelogue
Film Creator:Watson Kintner
Topics:Barbaros, Çeşme, Bergama, Pergamon, Mysia, Roman antiquities, Greek antiquities
Tags: Barbaros | Bergama | Çeşme | Greek antiquities | Mysia | Pergamon | Roman antiquities
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